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One of the responsible credit cards that you can have is American Express Bluebird Card featured with Walmart. The card is a bit different from other regular credit cards. It is based in New York and was established in 1850. American Express Bluebird Card will allow you to only use the money that you already have in your account. What are the things that you can avoid because of this considerable feature? Let me pick for you its, bounced checks, interest payments, or overdraft fees. 

In terms of the charges, the company doesn’t charge the monthly service fee. However, here is the list of charges of American Express Bluebird cards- 

ATM balance inquiry $2.50
Activation fee$0
Card replacement fee $0
Close account fee $0
Free In-Network ATM withdrawal Yes
No PIN purchase transaction fee? Yes
No signature purchase transaction fee?Yes
Card reload fee$0- $3.95
Signature purchase transaction fee $0
PIN purchase transaction fee $0

American Express Bluebird allows you the maximum balance of $100,000. In case you are close to the criteria then it’s the time where you need to shift your money to an account where you obtain interest like a savings account, money market account, or a CD.

Who Should Go For The Bluebird Cards?

  • People who desire a $0 monthly fee, annual fee, or having minimum balance/ deposit. 
  • Who are not able to decide between a gift card or a prepaid card.
  • Attracted by the features offered by the credit cards such as fraud protection, purchase protection, roadside assistance, and many more. 
  • People who don’t have any bank account but require a repository for direct deposits. 

Want To Know The Benefits Of The Bluebird Card? 

Here is the list that is offered by the American Express Bluebird card- 

No activation, Monthly or Annual, Dormancy, Replacement card fee, and Foreign Exchange
Early Direct Deposit- receive paycheck 2 days faster before the actual day
ATM withdrawals free of charge for 24,000 + MoneyPass ATM 
Cash reloading at Walmart is without any cost
Free bill pay online
Mobile application with useful functions 
Family accounts free of cost

The Process To Register Bluebird Card Via

There are instructions given below for you to proceed with the process to register your Bluebird card via

  • Open this link, to begin with, the process- The website will take you to the registration page where you will find the option ‘’Register your card’’. Click on that option.
  • A pop-up will appear where you will be asked if you have a temporary Bluebird card before. You need to click on the ‘’yes’’ option. 
  • Now, you need to enter the details that are given here- your card number- 15 digits, Security code of your card- 4 digits, your full name, email ID address, your phone number, username, and password- which you need to create at a time, date of birth, SSN- Social Security Number, create your ATM PIN, and at last create your security question and answer.  
  • You will be asked to agree with the terms & conditions to which you need to agree to complete the process.

Log In Process:  Bluebird Card

  • The first step is to go to the website of Bluebird- Click here
  • After accessing the website, click on the option ‘’Log in’’ that you will find on the top of the screen just as mentioned in the picture below. 
Bluebird Card Login
  • Now you need to enter your details. The details include your username and password that have been set up at the time of registration. 
  • After entering the credentials, type the answer to the security question. 
  • The question was set up earlier by you so you must know the answer. You are provided a picture where you need to answer on the website.
"Bluebird Card Login Instructions 2"
  • Now you are done with all the steps. Look at the picture provided below that how your page will look once you answer the question. 
Bluebird Card Login

Here Is How You Can Check Bluebird Card Balance- 

 You are given the method here through which you can check the balance of your Bluebird card. 

Temporary balance- 

To begin with, you need to check the temporary balance of your Bluebird card. These things are what you need- 

  • Temporary card number- 15 digits
  • Security code- 4 digits 

Here you go with the link which will direct you to the main page where you would be able to check the balance of the Bluebird Card- Balance page

Permanent balance- 

There are two methods to check the permanent balance of your Bluebird card, either online or via phone. First, tap on this link- login page to log in to your account. Log in by entering the credentials and you would be able to access your card permanent balance and other details. 

You Can’t-Miss These Perks Of Bluebird Card!

The American Express Bluebird card arrives with some amazing features that attract the most customers. Here are the top 5 benefits that you are offered with your card- 

  • Access To Cash

You can get free access to your cash on your Bluebird account through the ATM for over 30,000 MoneyPass locations of the ATM. Through the feature of Cash Pickup, you can obtain cash at 4000 + Walmart stores.

  • Money Transfer 

You can send money to anyone via Bluebird2Walmart Money transfer. The money can also be transferred between the accounts of Bluebird without any cost. 

  • Check Capture

The checks can be turned into cash in your Bluebird account through the application of Bluebird easily, by Check Capture by Ingo Money App. In the case of you depositing the check using this feature. You would be able to access your money in 10 days, however, the check should not return unpaid. Your money can be accessed anytime without charging anything from you. 

  • Direct Deposit

The point of Direct deposit is quite significant as you get to enroll in Direct Deposit and experience the feature of obtaining money 2 days faster. 

  • Family Accounts 

Here you get this advantageous specialty where up to 4 cards can be given to anyone based on your preference. You also get to set the limitation according to you only, ATM access, and other related functions which will assist you with planning your money. 

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