Guide to Block Ads on the YouTube App on your Android device

We’ve been coming across a lot of questions lately about how to block ads on YouTube. To help out, we wrote a concise guide that covers every possible method. You may not want to watch YouTube videos with all of the advertisements. There are three ways to stop ads from playing! You can use a web browser that blocks ads such as the Brave browser, or you can use an ad-blocking VPN. The third option is to sign up for YouTube Premium, which costs $11.99 per month and allows you to watch ad-free videos as well as download videos and play them back offline.

You can block YouTube ads in three ways. The easiest method involves using a compatible browser with an ad-blocking feature, such as the Brave web browser or the AdBlock app on iOS devices. AdShield is another alternative, which is available for Windows, macOS, and Android. However, you will need to enable AdShield before you launch and watch a video on YouTube. So just by using an ad-blocking browser, using an ad-blocking VPN, and signing up for YouTube Premium. Let us get started now!

How to Block Ads on YouTube from your Android device?

The simplest option is to use an ad-blocking web browser, such as the Brave web browser, to access YouTube. Alternatively, launch AdShield and enable it before watching a YouTube video. One of the other options is to subscribe to YouTube Premium. This post will show you how to block advertising while watching YouTube videos in three different ways. The instructions should work on any Android smartphone and version.

Use an Ad-Blocking Browser to Block YouTube Ads-

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the number of ads on YouTube, you’re not alone. The good news is that there’s a super-easy way to keep them from showing up. Most Android phones and tablets come with a built-in data blocker, which allows you to block all sorts of unwanted data while streaming videos. The latest versions of the YouTube app also have a built-in feature that allows you to turn off the pre-roll ads. Here are the ways to get rid of YouTube videos ads!

This tutorial shows you all the steps you need, using the Brave web browser as an example.

  • Click the lion button in the Brave browser’s URL bar.
  • Slide the Brave Shields switch on.
  • Go to and start watching videos.

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Use an Ad-Blocking VPN to Block YouTube Ads-

You can already block ads on YouTube by turning off your AdSense account, but you need to log into Google and do it manually. With AdShield, a free ad-blocking VPN (a virtual private network) for Chrome, you can prevent ads from following you wherever you go. Just download and launch the app, turn on the ad blocker with a single click, then watch a YouTube video to confirm that all ads have disappeared.

  • Ad-blocking VPNs (virtual private networks) are a powerful way to block ads on sites you visit. For example, with AdShield, you could watch this video without any ads.
  •  Downloading and installing the AdShield Mac or PC program makes ads disappear. Just turn on the AdShield Enabled toggle in the Settings menu, and visit YouTube to watch a video to help us thank you for your support!

AdShield filters practically all adverts on websites you visit. Download and run AdShield, then turn on the AdShield Enabled toggle and view a YouTube video to activate the ad blocker.

NOTE: When you use a VPN, all of your data, such as email, apps, and websites, passes through it. As a result, make absolutely sure you can trust the VPN’s operator.

Sign Up for YouTube Premium to Restrict the Advertisements-

With the YouTube Premium subscription, you’ll get all the benefits of a Music Premium membership, plus ad-free videos across all of YouTube. You’ll also be able to download your favorite songs for offline listening. And, you can use background play with your videos running on your other devices. So when you’re playing your favorite YouTube video or trailer on TV, it will keep playing in the background if you switch on your smartphone—no need to stop what you’re doing and pick up your phone.

YouTube is a powerful platform to discover, watch and share original content with friends, family, and the world. With a paid YouTube Premium membership, you can enjoy the benefits of an ad-free YouTube experience, including background play, video download, and offline viewing on your mobile device. We love to watch videos on YouTube—and so do billions of others.

When you will activate YouTube Premium membership, you’ll no longer see ads when you watch your favorite channels and videos on YouTube – in fact, you won’t see any ads at all. And if you’re already a YouTube Red member, you can keep enjoying YouTube’s original shows and movies as well as one free premium song each month. If you’re still seeing advertising, make sure you’re using the same Google account you used to sign up for YouTube Premium via the YouTube app.

NOTE: Previously, you could disable YouTube adverts by adding a period to the URL, but this method is no longer valid.

An ad-free experience on YouTube is only $12.99 a month. That’s less than the cost of a single coffee! Sign up now and you can watch videos without any of those pesky ads for two weeks for free.

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Wrapping Up

If you’ve recently noticed that ads have been popping up while you’re watching YouTube videos, don’t panic – you’re not crazy! There is a simple fix. It seems that YouTube has made a change, and now they allow advertisements to play even if you’re watching videos in the background.  Why pay for YouTube videos when you can watch them ad-free? There are a few different ways to go about blocking ads while you’re watching, and this guide has shown you three ways that have worked in the past.

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