Activate Bleacher Report (B/R) using the link in 2023

Bleacher Report (B/R) Live is a live sports streaming service where fans can find and watch their favorite sports content anywhere, anytime. Just by visiting, you can get this streaming service. B/R Live will make it easier for fans to stay connected to the live sporting events they care about most by providing an enhanced, personalized experience. With thousands of live sporting events planned each year, including Major League Baseball, basketball, National Hockey League, Major League Soccer, boxing, and MMA events, B/R Live will be available on the screen of your choice.

B/R is bringing you the live sports experience you’ve been waiting for. They’re not just talking about events. You’ll also have access to thousands of hours of premium shows, exclusive interviews and insider analysis, breaking news, and live scores—all in one place, on one platform. With B/R Live, fans will be able to watch college football games, NBA games, MLB playoffs, and more. Get access to thousands of live sporting events in both English and Spanish, as well as in larger HD quality. There is no better way to watch live sports. Just Activate your services using and get started!

What devices will I be able to use to watch AEW Full Gear?

On Bleacher Report, you can watch AEW Full Gear on the following devices:

  • Apps for B/R mobile 
  • Roku
  • Amazon FireStick
  • Xbox
  • AirPlay (iOS mobile devices only)
  • Chromecast (Android mobile devices only)

We’ll keep this page updated as new devices become available for streaming on B/R.

Where can I get AEW Full Gear and watch it?

Full Gear is available for purchase and streaming on Bleacher Report Official Website, the B/R mobile applications for Apple and Android devices, as well as Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Full Gear is also available via AirPlay (Apple mobile devices only) and Chromecast (Android mobile devices only). You may also watch the event on Xbox, but you must first purchase it from and then return it to your device to watch it.

A guide to Add and Use RoConnect on Roku

Activate AEW Full Gear on the Page

Welcome to a new era of sports content. B/R Live is your ticket to the hottest live events across sports—from huge football games and championship fights to baseball playoffs, golf majors, and more. Packages start at $5.99/month. Now, let us get down to our guide and learn how to use

On my Amazon FireTV, how do I watch AEW Full Gear using

You may now buy AEW events on the Amazon app store with the new version of Bleacher Report (B/R). Please follow these procedures to get it on your Amazon Fire TV:

  1. From your FireTV’s home screen, type “Bleacher Report” to install the new app.
  2. Once the new app has been downloaded, open it and follow the on-screen steps to activate your device. If you’re a current AEW user looking to view previously purchased PPVs, make sure you’re using the same credentials you used to make your previous purchases (on B/R or B/R Live).
  3. You can now purchase the Full Gear PPV directly from Amazon using the new app.
  4. Select “View Event Details” under the AEW Full Gear ’21 title once you’ve logged into your B/R account and activated your device.
  5. After that, you’ll be brought to a payment page. Choose “Purchase” from there.
  6. The event will be marked as purchased on the B/R home page after your purchase is validated.

At, Start streaming on Roku

You must add your email address to your account information in order to log in to your Roku device with your B/R account. You can do so by following the instructions below:

  1. Sign in to the profile you used to buy an event on the web using your social/phone details.
  2. Scroll over your username in the upper right corner and choose the “Options” button to access your account settings. After you’ve logged in, you can also click here.
  3. In the settings, underneath the “Email” box on this screen, enter your email address and then select “Save.”
  4. To return to Settings, select the “Back” button. At the bottom of the Settings screen, there will now be a “Reset Password” button — click it.
  5. Tap the “Send Link” button after entering the email address from Step 3.
  6. Go back to the email account you provided in Step 3 and look for a link to set a password for your account. When you’re in the email, glance over the email verification from B/R and double-check the address.
  7. Then use the email and password you created in the preceding stages to log in to your Roku. Your account will now be connected to you.

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Access B/R on Chromecast using

If you have an Android mobile device, you can use Chromecast to watch the event. Please follow these procedures to cast from your phone:

  1. Open the BR app and find the PPV video you wish to watch. Play the video by pressing the play button on the video player.
  2. If the video player controls aren’t visible, tap to bring them up, then hit the casting symbol to see what casting devices are available.
  3. Select the device you want to cast to and tap it. Ascertain that both your Android handset and the casting device are connected to the same WiFi network. 
  4. Your TV should display a notification saying “ready to cast,” and the video should begin playing on the TV/device you chose shortly after.
  5. You can disable the box listing available devices by tapping your screen. It’s possible that you’ll see the loading screen as the video loads and the casting connection is established.
  6. Your Android phone could go to sleep if you are not actively using it. If this occurs, casting should proceed. 
  7. You can control video with lock screen controls (note that you cannot pause the LIVE video at this time).
  8. Then you can disconnect streaming from your Android device’s video player by touching the casting symbol and then “Stop Casting.” 
  9. You can return to the Bleacher Report App and select the “Me” option at the bottom of the screen if you have gone away from the player.
  10. Then go to “My Events” and choose the video you’re watching now to see the player.

How to get AEW Full Gear on AirPlay with

If you have an Apple mobile device, you can utilize AirPlay to stream the event. Kindly follow these instructions to AirPlay from your phone:

  1. Open the BR app and find the PPV video you wish to watch. Play the video by pressing the play button on the video player.
  2. If the video player controls aren’t visible, tap to bring them up, then tap the AirPlay icon to see which AirPlay devices are available.
  3. Select the device you want to AirPlay with and choose it. On the TV/device you picked, the clip should begin to play. 
  4. You could hide the box listing accessible devices by tapping your screen. You can just use your product’s player controls (whether on the player or on the lock screen) your AppleTV remote or any other remote that controls an AirPlay capable device. 
  5. At this moment, you are unable to pause the LIVE video. Playback will stop if you hit the back button and move to other sites in the BR app. To resume your video, please return to the original page. 
  6. You may put the Bleacher Report app in the background and go to other applications without disrupting playback.
  7. To turn off AirPlay, go to the video player’s AirPlay icon and pick your Apple device to turn off playback to your AppleTV or another AirPlay-enabled gadget.
  8. You may also use the lock screen controller for this. You can disconnect from your TV by clicking the blue icon in the top right corner.

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Wrapping Up

The Breacher Report talked to hundreds of passionate sports fans to find the need for a better way to watch live sports. Once they understood that place, they worked tirelessly with their architecture and technology teams to build B/R Live, a video service that allows users to stream thousands of games and events directly to their smartphones, tablets, and computers. We hope you liked our post on how to Activate B/R using

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