The Best Science Channel Shows Of all Time

Who says you can’t learn while entertaining, from chemistry to physics and the sphere of wildlife, here are the best science channel shows of all time to watch when you’re stuck at home and want to make the most of it!

Series are an amazing source of knowledge and entertainment. There are marvelous decks of shows streaming on various OTT platforms nowadays. Discoveries Science Channel brings you with astonishing documentary series that will leave you mesmerized. From “How it’s Made” to “Mighty Ships”, the Science channel will show wonders of the documentary world. Let’s jump into the article to learn about these series a little more. 

Best Science Channel Shows

How it’s made – Best Science Channel Show

How it’s made - Best Science Channel Show

Have you ever wondered how our day-to-day life objects are made? The clothes we wear, the chair we sit on, or the beautiful accessories we wear undergo a manufacturing process. “How It’s Made”, explains the process of producing and manufacturing various products from scratch. It is a Canadian documentary television series that premiered on the Science Channel in the United States on January,6,2001. Now the documentary is available on various streaming channels such as Amazon Prime, Itunes store, VUDU, etc. The series is enlisted with 32 seasons having 416 episodes in total. The show is created by Gabriel hoss who is an amazing director.

IMDb rating: 7.8/10

Unearthed – Best Science Channel Show

Unearthed - Best Science Channel Show

This documentary dwells on the most unbelievable and buried history of civilization. Unearthed is a narrative created by the Science Channel that utilizes new specialized instruments and advancements to uncover people of old mysteries. Current realities and the investigator’s work inside the show is convincing. The recorded data given by subject matter experts, archeologists, and studies are very much drawn by the CGI utilized in the show. All and this is an excellent geographical narrative about a portion of the antiquated marvels of the World. This show is a must-watch as it undercovers some of the tragic history of the world that everyone is still unaware of. The show restates civilization and ponders upon how the earth was discovered billions of years ago. 

IMDb rating: 7.5/10

How the Universe Works – Best Science Channel Show

How the Universe Works - Best Science Channel Show

How the Universe Works was originally aired on Discovery Channel in 2010. Afterward, the show received reviews and aired on the Science Channel in the USA. It consists of 9 seasons. It is a user guide to the journey of understanding the cosmos, big bang theory, and how the universe works. The documentary explains the formation of the universe and its components. Have you ever noticed the celestial bodies revolving around the earth? This show has all the answers to even the unknown questions. 

IMDb rating:8.9/10

Secrets of the Viking stones – Best Science Channel Show

Secrets of the Viking stones - Best Science Channel Show

There are the individuals who trust Minnesota’s association with Scandinavia goes a lot further back than pilgrims by the name of Olson or Swenson. A new Science Channel series highlights the Runestone, which was found by a Minnesota rancher in the last part of the 1800s. “Mysteries of the Viking Stone”.It is a story about the controversial history of Kensington Runestone and American history. The series revolves around the skeptics, scholars, and humanitarians who have stories to devote to America’s history. The show keenly binds truth with life and fantasy with theory to present a real antique scenario in front of the audience.

IMDb rating: 7.5/10

Mystery of Abandoned – Best Science Channel Show

Mystery of Abandoned - Best Science Channel Show

Mystery of Abandoned is a series full of surprises and intriguing possibilities. The series explores some famous engineered buildings and how they were tragically demolished. The series takes the viewer virtually to move around the country and explore the uncover mysterious buildings that were once known for their entitlement. After which, they were tragically demolished to the earth. After the years of demolition, the remains still speak volumes and are capable of revealing the unsolved secrets from history. Mystery of Abandoned is an epic piece of art that will help you discover the untouched part of the globe throughout centuries. 

IMDb rating:7.3/10

Impossible Engineering – Best Science Channel Show

Impossible Engineering - Best Science Channel Show

Impossible Engineering is a sheer reflection of historic trail blazers who designed new buildings and various techniques to advance them. The series is a tribute to their intelligence and efforts. Each episode revolves around the giant structures, ships, space crafts, and how they work. A must-watch documentary series for all tech lovers. It is a collection of illuminating series of experiments and conducts that were part of the giant engineered projects in ancient times. The series breaks the feet of construction admirably and innovatively in front of the audience. The series has 9 seasons following 62 episodes. The first episode was released on April 13, 2015, and continues for now.

IMDb rating: 7.3/10

Mighty Ships – Best Science Channel Show

Mighty Ships - Best Science Channel Show

The series began after the achievement of an oddball uncommon on the Discovery Channel entitled Inside Queen Mary 2. It has highlighted a broad scope of various kinds of marine vessels, with journey transports, a plane carrying warship, fishing boats, dredgers and different sorts of load ships, maritime and expert boats being shown. The show’s combination of specialized understanding and human stories has demonstrated mainstream with the audience. The operational abilities and specialized parts of the boat include vigorously in the arrangement, while individuals from the boat’s group give an understanding of life adrift and give a human point of view. The series likewise utilizes computer-generated animations to show scenes that would somehow or another be absurd, like submerged activities.

IMDb rating:8.2/10


If you haven’t any of the shows above, we’d recommend you to start picking them out on the basis of your choice. These best science channel shows will give you one of the best cinematic experiences among all others.

Watch these shows to get educated and entertained, all at the same time!

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