All-Time Best Action Movies on Prime: July 2021

Sometimes after a stressful day you just want to turn off your brain and escape to the world of racing cars, satisfying fight scenes, and insane stunt sequences; or to put it simply, action movies. In that case, I have got you covered, so you can spend your time watching the action on the screen rather than searching for it. Keep reading to find the classic best action movies on prime: July 2021.  Moreover, here is your guide to your favorite action movies to watch this summer.

Best Action Movies on Prime

Fight Club (1999) 

All the action movie buffs out there know that Fight Club is a classic. The movie opens with a disgruntled insomniac trying to find the purpose in his boring and chaotic existence in a support group. A chance encounter with an anarchist philosopher and soap salesman transforms his life forever, as, for the first time, the insomniac can connect with his inner self. Together, they form a fight club, as the name of the movie suggests, frequented by men frustrated with their monotonous life. The plot might sound simplistic but the ending is an unexpected twist and in general, the narrative is the thought-provoking revelation that sheds a light on identity, social expectations, and the struggles we all face. This movie holds first place in the space of All-Time Best Action Movies on Prime: July 2021.

Other reasons to watch: Brad Pitt’s performance(need I say more), Fincher’s attention to detail, iconic dialogues( “the things you own end up owning you”), cinematic Easter Eggs(how many have you picked up), and the popular hip-hop soundtrack. 

IMDb Rating: 8.8/10 

Hellboy (2004) – Best Action Movies on Prime

If you’re an avid comic book reader Hellboy is the movie for you, as it’s been adapted from a comic book series. Eventually, Hellboy might have a unique physical appearance, with his horns, red skin, and giant stone hand, but he also has a tremendously charismatic personality. Hellboy belongs to a different dimension but lands on Earth when the Nazis accidentally open a portal. He grows up on Earth and joins the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense as an agent. Ironically, they are responsible for battling other-worldly beings who have wandered too far from home. Watch this movie to get an idea of All-Time Best Action Movies on Prime: July 2021.

Other reasons to watch: A superhero movie with a twist, a great motion picture with amazing visuals(for its time), and presents the perfect opportunity for audiences to expand beyond the Marvel and DC universes. 

IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

Fists of Fury (1972)Best Action Movies on Prime

How can we have a list of action movies without including a Bruce Lee movie? Fist of Fury follows Chen Zhen, played by Lee, as he undertakes the quest to requite the death of his master. In typical Bruce Lee fashion, he takes on large groups of enemies all by himself beating them up and garnering victory all in mere minutes. Besides all the physical action sequences, Bruce Lee also does some of his best acting and emoting in this film. 

Other reasons to watch: Bruce Lee(read above), astonishing martial art sequences, and just nostalgic old-school charm. 

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

You Were Never Really Here (2017)

Hitman movies are common in the action genre but this film is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Nevertheless, the story, originally adapted from the novella Bored to Death by Jonathan Ames, follows the journey of a former soldier, Joe, as he is tasked with rescuing a kidnapped girl amid a diabolical political conspiracy involving human trafficking. Although there is plenty of action, the film goes beyond that and explores profound themes of isolation, violence, remorse, and redemption. 

Other reasons to watch: Award-winning screenplay, seamlessly edited scenes, memorable performances by the actors, and glowing reviews by critics make this unconventional action-thriller film a must-see. 

IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

The French Connection (1971)

The statement that old is gold rings true for The French Connection. The thrill and action sequences are such that even modern films will find it difficult to compete. Plotwise, it’s a police movie in which Doyle, the protagonist, alongside his partner is trying to bust an elaborate drug cartel in France. This was the first movie to hook the public on Hollywood’s war on drugs and many followed suit. Alain is the drug lord running the business and Doyle’s arch-nemesis. Alain has mastered the facade of the sophisticated gentleman and is extremely clever especially for a criminal. Doyle, on the other hand, is extremely dedicated to his job but is quick to anger. These well-developed characters in terms of their differences and personalities make the interactions between Doyle and Alain a fascinating watch. 

Other reasons to watch: It’s an academy-award-winning movie, the quintessential chase scenes, and to experience the shock of the old by being transported to the 1970s whether that’s seen in the setting or the film-making style. 

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

The Tomorrow War (2021)  

A recent Amazon exclusive release, The Tomorrow War delivers on its promises of ample explosions and extravagant action sequences. This pick is for all the people who just want to enjoy pure action play out on their screens. If you’re looking for something that’s stimulating and thought-provoking this is not the right movie for you. The Tomorrow War is based in the apocalyptic setting of 2051 where humans are at war with aliens who have superior intelligence, strength, and speed. 

Other reasons to watch: The popular Chris Pratt, all the essential components of an action movie, and a futuristic take on the unknown threats to humans. 

IMDb Rating: 6.6/10

Boondock Saints (2000) 

This next pick is not a critic favorite but a crowd-pleaser that’s been loved by fans for over two decades now. Although, Boondock Saints is about two Irish Catholic twins, Connor and Murphy, who after accidentally killing Russian mobsters in self-defense start to believe it’s their God-given purpose to decrease crime in Boston. They take it upon themselves to eliminate the local crime lords to send a message to the scums of their town. However, the realization soon ensues that it is easier said than done especially when an FBI agent is rapidly closing in on them and their blood-soaked trail. 

Other reasons to watch: The comic relief in certain scenes of the film, the pan-genre soundtrack, and the fact the characters are worth rooting for despite their actions all contribute to the fact that all in all this is an entertaining film to watch. 

IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

Alien (1979) Best Action Movies on Prime

Alien is the first film in the famous sci-fi series of the same name to present the terrifyingly innovative premise that launched the canonical universe that it has become today. Whilst responding to a distress signal, a team of space explorers are attacked by an unknown creature that methodically kills them off one by one. It grows into its final form. However, after watching this timeless masterpiece, you will be intrigued enough to check out the other movies in the series. 

Other reasons to watch: The captivating cinematography, sinister atmosphere, and suspenseful pacing of the narrative all contribute to make this film a thrilling watch. 

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Minority Report (2002) 

 Steven Spielberg has directed a lot of movies in the span of his career yet Minority Report remains among the top few. Minority Report is a dramatic, action-packed, utopian movie starring the well-known action superstar Tom Cruise. Set against the backdrop of Washington DC in 2054, technology has advanced and the police now utilize a psychic technology to detect and prevent crime before it even occurs. The story suddenly takes a turn when Tom Cruise, playing Chief John Anderton head of the precrime unit, is accused of a future murder of a man he hasn’t ever met or interacted with. Watch this movie under the space of All-Time Best Action Movies on Prime: July 2021 and enjoy your summers.

Other reasons to watch: The immaculate visual effects, thunderous sound effects, and Tom Cruise doing what he does best(crazy stunts and beating people up effortlessly) are why you should watch this underrated gem of a sci-fi action movie. 

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

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