Arlo app not working: How to fix it

The Arlo app gives you access to a wide range of sophisticated features and a simple user interface. The majority of users had positive experiences with this system, despite a few concerns about the Arlo app periodically not working properly or stopping abruptly. You will discover fixes to the problem of the Arlo app not working efficiently here.

Arlo app not working
Arlo App UI

As a matter of fact, buying Arlo cameras is the best option if you want to enhance your security system with greater motion detection capabilities and simple controls. However, if you’re concerned about the minor issues with the Arlo app, here are a few workarounds to help you get the program back up and running. Ideally, after trying a few of the methods described here, you won’t need to spend much time perfecting the program; it will just start working.

Use these strategies to solve the Arlo app not working properly issues:

Check the Arlo app’s version:

As soon as the Arlo application stops working, you should always check the version number. If you are using an earlier version of the application, there is a strong chance that this is the reason why it is not reacting to your input.

The installed version and the most current version may therefore be compared by looking at the app’s information in your smartphone’s settings. The application update will only take a few minutes, even on a slow connection. You may not have to deal with any more solutions once the Arlo app is updated.

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Establish a reliable internet connection:

The stability of the internet connection has a role in the Arlo app’s failure as well. Even if the programming of the system is flawless, it will still have a variety of problems if there is no appropriate connection. If you’re using the newest version, just refresh the network connection.

To get the Arlo system to start reacting to app instructions, all you should need to do is restart the network router. You should not be concerned about losing any configurations since it won’t take long to regain your connection.

Change the app data:

The necessity to clear the application data is another cause for this issue with the Arlo system not working. The data associated with the program must be deleted in order to resolve the problem. To remove the application data, go to the mobile settings and head to the application configurations. To fix this issue, go to the Arlo app settings and choose Clear cache.

Restart your smartphone firmly:

Your next course of action at this point should be a hard restart of your mobile device. These programming mistakes can be fixed by restarting the computer. There are periodically issues with the Arlo app. These issues may sometimes be linked to the mobile device.

There won’t be any waiting for the application to update either. While you wait for the device to reset, keep holding down the volume and power buttons. When the Arlo software resumes, you can log into your security equipment to see how they respond.

Update the mobile OS:

The mobile operating system is partly to blame for this application’s issue. Even while it is true that the software runs on older operating systems, it is better to be cautious than sorry. The obsolete operating system will restrict the software’s performance, and it will crash often.

Therefore, the only thing you can do to repair the Arlo app is to update your mobile operating system. You’ll likely need a few hours to finish this update since it requires a lot of work. However, you can use a different mobile device to access your Arlo security systems.

Use An Older Version:

Last but not the least, if you are still having problems after upgrading the application, it is likely that the most current version is defective. This situation could come up rather regularly and is not at all unusual while using the Arlo system. You might avoid this issue by reading the updated reviews before you apply them to your mobile device.

Simply download an older version from the internet if your mobile device already has the most latest version of the app. No features will be lost, and the security apparatus will begin to follow your commands. If the issue started after you updated the program, try using an older version. Consider seeking help from your Arlo dealer if you’ve tried all of these solutions and your issues haven’t been resolved. If the Arlo app isn’t functioning for you, these changes ought to help.

Additionally, what happens sometimes is that the user’s hardware and software requirements are not up to the mark as per the Arlo system. You can check if you fall into the optimum category to make sure of it.

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What are the essential requirements for setting up and operating my Arlo system?

You need a high-speed Internet connection and the minimum operating system necessary to utilize the Arlo Secure app or online portal in order to install and use your Arlo system. You can access the video from your Arlo cameras via the Arlo Secure app or online interface.

Prerequisites for connectivity:

Although each Arlo camera needs a varied amount of data, all Arlo cameras need a fast Internet connection. The amount of bandwidth used is calculated per camera. You can calculate the overall bandwidth use of your Arlo system if you have many Arlo cameras connected to the same network by summing the average bandwidth usage of each camera.

These are the requirements for your Arlo system:

  • A fast enough Internet connection to support the average bandwidth demand of each camera, which is as follows:
  •        Series Arlo Ultra: 3 Mbps for each camera
  •        Pro 3 and later models of the Arlo Pro Series and Essential Video Doorbells: 2 Mbps      upload each camera
  •        The remaining Arlo cameras: 1 Mbps per camera for upload
  • If you’re using an Arlo SmartHub or Base Station, an Internet router with a free Ethernet port.

Arlo can operate with the bare minimal needs; however, functionality and video quality might suffer. There is a higher chance that the video quality might have distortions and haziness with less upstream bandwidth. Additionally, there can be a delay before initiating a live broadcast.

Requirements for the Arlo Secure app:

Search for Arlo in the app store of your Apple or Android smartphone to download the mobile app.

  • Android devices: The Arlo app needs Android version 5.0 or above in order to get any future product and app improvement upgrades.
  • Apple products: The Arlo app needs iOS version 11 or above in order to get any future product and app upgrade updates.

Arlo online portal specifications:

The following are necessary for the Arlo online portal:

  • a PC that runs Windows or macOS.
  • a web browser from the list below
  • Chrome for Mac and Windows (latest version)
  • Firefox for Mac and Windows (latest version)
  • Mac OS X’s Safari (latest version)
  • Windows 10 Microsoft Edge (latest version)

Note: The Arlo Secure app may not perform as intended if you use it with an OS version that is less recent than these minimum requirements.

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Conclusion: So, that is all about the Arlo app not working problem and how you can fix it instantly at home. If you follow these instructions carefully, you will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it in no time. With this, we conclude our article and hope that you will benefit from its content. Please remember to leave your valuable feedback or doubts in the empty comment area below if you have any. Also, keep visiting our website for more such articles.

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