Incredible Animal Planet Shows to Stream in August

The Pandemic hitting us every two months and limiting the work-life to our small desk in home, has made life monotonous. To break this monotony of pandemic life, we turn our hopeful heads towards our favorite streaming services. And to help you update your watch list, we have brought up an incredible list of the best Animal Planet shows to watch in August.

This August let us dig for the hidden gems of Animal Planet Channel. We have brought to the shows you have barely heard of. But also, the shows which will never fail you to entertain. Animal Planet is an American multinational pay television channel owned by Discovery, Inc. Established on October 1, 1996, the network is primarily devoted to series and documentaries about wild animals and domestic pets. 

Animal Planet is America’s #1 wildlife network – watched by an average of 6.5 million viewers per week. Since 1995, Animal Planet has earned a reputation for bringing viewers the highest quality cinematic content, informative special investigations, and groundbreaking series on environmental issues, wildlife conservation, and conservation science.

Based upon viewership, the channel reveals how different the average person is from the average animal. For example, Peoples 13 Famous – The Quest for the Black Pearl (1998), about the hunt for the still-unidentified stolen treasure of the historical shipwreck of the Afrogadero, garnered good ratings despite being an elimination sport special. Airing during the 4th quarter of 1998, it was ranked as the #1 program on cable during its time slot among males 18-34. So, get ready to experience the shows which will bring butterflies to your stomach.

Best Animal Planet Shows to Stream in August

Terra Brasil 

-Get ready for a show that was purely intended to be educational, “Finding Brazil.” 

IMDb Rating: 9.3/10

Starting off our list of the best animal planet shows to watch in August, we have Terra Brasil with a solid IMDb rating of 9.3/10. This program features three Brazilian Geographic writers who arrange interviews with experts on relevant subjects. Matt Christman, an agronomist who lives in Sao Paolo and teaches at Cooperquinary Institute. He talks about what you should do if you find wild mushrooms while traveling and how you can prepare them for cooking. Wander over to Brazil to see if you can find a wild boar or steer clear of South America’s most venomous snakes. Then relax and enjoy the backyard playtime as your three hosts. Animal modeler Mayra Fazenda, adventure guide Aruay, and botanist Anderson – show you around the country.

Finding Brazil did an excellent job of providing an in-depth look at 8 different countries (and one Canadian province) across the continent of Brazil. Each episode explored a different aspect of Brazilian culture, with Mayra (the Brazilian innkeeper from Terra Firma). Providing an in-depth look at Brazilian customs and eating habits while Aruay explored the country’s natural beauty and fascinating flora and fauna. Not only did this show educate me about this amazing country, but it also made me want to learn about Brazilian Cuisine even more!

Ice Lake Rebels

-A show that proves living on a small island like Great Slave Lake isn’t easy. 

IMDb Rating: 6.0/10

You have to build your shelter, find food and water, research potential threats from winter storms, and avoid becoming prey to killer whales. The last thing you want is an approaching blizzard that destroys your home, supplies and becomes so deeply frozen that it takes weeks to explore. Luckily for you, there is a local community that has taken an interest in your situation and is willing to lend a hand. The Ice Lake Rebels are a crew of five young men who have come together to form a survivalist community on the unforgiving northern shore of the Great Slave Lake. They live in a tent city made from tree trunks and branches and gather monthly to share stories, plan supply runs, and much more.

Some people may wake up every day hoping to find a way to improve their quality of life. Others live their lives in excitement and motivation. For them, achieving a goal is more important than how they get there. Anthony Meadows lives this way. The 32-year-old entrepreneur has lived on the frozen shores of Great Slave Lake for the past seven years. He and his wife, Georgia, raise their six children there with no thought of leaving. But every day brings new challenges as they battle ice erosion, rising sea levels, and increasingly hostile wildlife. For these “ice lake rebels” (as they’ve come to be called) life is anything but predictable.

Karina: Wild on Safari

-With this show of Animal Planet, travel Africa by relaxing on your couch.

IMDb Rating: n/a

From the stunning African landscapes to the witty jokes and unforgettable characters, ‘Karina: Wild on Safari’ is the travelogue you need for your favorite seasons. With a mix of adventure, comedy, and heartfelt moments, this program is as beautiful and entertaining as it is informative. Born from the minds of two comedians with fifteen years of experience in writing, production, and hosting, it is the perfect mix of carefully crafted entertainment and high-adventure journalism. Wild on Safari is a UK-made series of 13 ultra-reality TV shows set in exotic locations. Each show highlights a different aspect of life in Africa – from wildlife to food chains, social issues, and even war. 

In the first episode of ‘Wild on Safari’, Karina walks us through the pros and cons of using a mobile phone while in the company of an adult. She also discusses why some men find it off-putting when women use mobiles while out and about and others find it exciting. She explores the different types of mobiles available and how each can be used as either a weapon or a tool. In her second episode, ‘Sleepovers’, she and Craig go out for a sleepover. While on their way, they run into trouble with the police and end up in court. In her third and final episode, ‘Megas’, she and Craig find themselves in the middle of a family dispute and need to decide whether to go on the offensive or defend themselves.

Viking Wilderness

-A walk along the edge of the world – unspoiled, untouched, and undisturbed by human hands.

IMDb Rating: n/a

A walk where the only sounds are the rustling leaves and the chattering of crickets and the occasional howl from the deep snow. A walk where the sun never rises and never sets. This is where Viking Wilderness comes into its own. It is a place of wild beauty and majestic outstanding beauty, dominated by two summits; Mt Cobbler and Mt Speculation. Between these two places, there is a magnificent network of footpaths that can be used for both short treks as well as extended walks which add to the experience and challenge. 

This area was the location for one of the major darker periods in European history when people sought safety in a climate where there was no shortage of weapons. VIKING WILDERNESS is one of those spots that look impossible to miss when you visit Darwin; yet, it is one you may not have known existed before you visited. This quirky little spot is the spiritual home of the Northern Territory experience. It offers an insight into the history and culture of Australia as well as providing some amazing adventures. For those keen to step outside their normal surroundings. The walking track runs for 1.5km through the undulating landscape of the Southern Highlands. It is made up of ancient sandstone granitic sandstone. This has become eroded by wind and rain over thousands of years.

Whale Wars: Viking Shores

-Their way of life is threatened by a growing trend of “whaling” – the slaughter of whales for their blubbery skin and oil.

IMDb Rating: 5.7/10

Watson and other environmental activists have long opposed the killing of pilot whales. They consider it as a keystone species that helps feed many other species. The Faroe Islands are home to around 1,000 pilot whales, most of them calve approaching sexual maturity. Captive babies are stunned with a lethal dose of sodium pentobarbital mid-way. Through their pregnancy before being driven into the sea to die. The aftermath of this method is heavily debated – with some Faroese saying the practice is humane and respectful, and others decrying its “deplorable” process.

Watson, who has been campaigning against whaling for nearly 30 years, said in a statement that the film will highlight the treatment of the whales by their creators and landlords, which goes beyond mere practicality. “Whale Wars” will also highlight the complex nature of these relationships as they are struck by powerful individual emotions such as sympathy, rage, terror, and remorse.

Fool’s Gold

-Follows four friends who decide to venture into the unknown and risk everything in the search for one big Million Dollar Gold Rush.

IMDb Rating: 5.7/10

Fool’s Gold, which premiers Wednesday (10 p.m. ET) on Animal Planet, is exactly what it sounds like: a series of misadventures that could easily befall any group of friends trying to get lost in the wild. Each week, host Chris Hardwick leads his cast of characters on a quest to gather gold – and occasionally die in the process. The show’s premise is that every week a different group of people – usually six to eight people strong – head into the woods to try to find lost items, either items they’ve found or items that have been lost. The premise is that these groups of friends will find everything except for one thing: death. 

There are hidden stakes for everyone involved; deaths tend to attract media attention, which means there’s always a chance that someone will want to exploit the situation for personal gain or just to entertain themselves. That’s what makes Fool’s Gold so entertaining; it’s a montage of guys who are just as clueless as the rest of us about where they’re going or what they’re doing. It’s both a brilliant commentary on how easy it can be to fool people (especially in this case, children) into doing things they don’t know anything about and the comedy gold that can be found in such scenarios.

Into the Lion’s Den

-If you want to become big as a lion—big as a bear, big as a jaguar, or even bigger than a giraffe—Dave’s got some advice for you. 

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

In Into the Lion’s Den, legendary big cat trainer and wildlife photographer Dave Salmoni takes viewers on a fascinating journey through the life of one of nature’s most impressive creatures—the African lion. From his early days as a circus trainer, through his controversial research techniques and close relationships with some of the world’s best big cats, to today’s efforts to return these majestic creatures to the wild, Salmoni illuminates the complex challenges faced by these majestic creatures as they come of age and grow older—a process that often involves challenging (and occasionally frightening) interactions with humans.

Dave Salmoni wasn’t always a cat expert. As a young zoology student, he worked with animals on San Diego State University’s campus; he even helped capture a lion that had been killed by a car. Yet even as he explored the world of big cats, he knew he was destined for a life beyond collars. He joined forces with the Timber Cats Conservancy, a not-for-profit that trains and supports big cats in the wild. And committed to making sure his family would have a say in how his legacy would be carried on.

Rogue Nature

-Humans have physically evolved to be very good at killing other humans and other animals for their survival.

IMDb Rating: n/a

How could we not include this ultimate entertainment in our top animal planet shows to stream in August list. With the growth of wildlife parks and the slaughter of rare species for food, there has been an increase in animal attacks on people. There have been nine verified reports of attacks worldwide so far in 2011, including three in the United States. These attacks have either resulted in death or hospitalization. There have been no reports of any non-fatal attacks by human beings. So what is your PSA? PSA stands for Prevention Strategy And Awareness Plan. It is a comprehensive plan developed by professional trainers. Also, researchers help reduce attacks by properly identifying risky situations. They plan actions to reduce the chances of injury or death, using weapons appropriately. Along with avoiding situations where an animal is willing to attack without provocation.

It’s in our best interest to minimize that tendency whenever possible. That’s why people have been working with conservationists and wildlife professionals. It is to develop practical solutions for reducing the likelihood of conflict between people and wildlife. Behaviors that can result in both physical injury and death. It should go without saying that we should always try to stay out of harm’s way when possible. If you see an injured or sick human or hear screaming in the night, please do whatever it takes to save them from themselves. 

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I, Predator

-Join the journey through time as I explore the unique geologic past of our planet.

IMDb Rating: n/a

next, that we have on our list of the top Animal Planet shows to watch in August is I, Predator. Along the way, you’ll find out how our planet has evolved from a ball of mud. That will be into the wondrous place we know it today. Through animation, fossils, and sounds, we’ll discover what makes animals choose prey. Also, how they must rely on their senses to track their food through the unknown landscape. 

In I, Predator of  Animal Planet, a biotechnical investigator, investigative journalist, and nature lover Dr. Nick Eyles takes viewers on an epic adventure into the world of animal predators. As he follows his imagination through the ages, as he chronicles Earth’s evolution. From an extremely hot and rocky planet with water almost dry to today’s temperate and rain-loving world. As Eyles explores the geologic history of the world, viewers will witness the impact humans have had on their ecosystems. Also, witness firsthand some of our most remarkable ancient animal friends as they share their stories.

Wilderness Explorer is the ultimate wildlife documentary film series. It is based on the best-selling book by Carl Safina and directed by Academy Award®-nominee Barry Blitt. I, Predator- Animal Planet follows three black-backed vipers that have embraced a new species. One that has rapidly evolved in response to their presence. From first-hand encounters with giant snakes in California to dramatic aerial footage of elk in Montana. This television series puts viewers inside the minds of some of the planet’s most lethal predators. As they pursue their daily lives in a hostile environment.

Wild West Alaska

-Learn how to use a gun and for movie enthusiasts to see the practical applications of survival skills in the real world. 

IMDb Rating: 6.5/10

Wild West Guns in Anchorage, Alaska – billed as the state’s largest, most successful gun shop. Owner Jim West and his team build weapons for any occasion. The shop serves as the premier destination for Alaskans living off the grid. And whether it’s to prepare for an everyday hunting trip. Until this point, most gun stores have focused on selling to hunters and sport shooters who need high-quality equipment at affordable prices. But West and company saw an opportunity to cater to those who don’t need or use so much firepower. People who want to take their carry on a go-around without breaking the bank.

The Alaskan wilderness is the perfect setting for outdoor enthusiasts. In Wild West Guns in Anchorage, Alaska, an original outdoorsman Jim West and his team. They teach anyone with an interest in weapons to shoot. They build and use their own weapons if they have none. Enthusiasts from around the world come to visit and learn how they can reach the skills. They need to secure a livable existence in the Alaskan backcountry. After all, survivalists need all the tools they can get to survive.

Final Words

Alas! We have reached the end of this list of the best Animal Planet shows in August. But we will be back again with many more shows of Animal Planet. We hope you liked this article. Thank you for investing your time in the best Animal Planet shows to watch in August.

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