Seize your Favorite Shows with the Animal Planet Show Schedule (June 27- July 3)

Animal Planet has some of the best reality television series to offer its audience. From Deadliest Catch to North woods law, it covers a vast area of the genre to keep its audience hooked to the moment. If you are a classical real-time fan of reality shows, then the upcoming week’s schedule is for you. I have jotted down the list of all the shows scheduled from June 27, to 3 July on Animal Planet. It is really important to know the correct primetime Animal Planet show schedule to never miss on your favorite shows. Grab your popcorn and  dig into the article to know more about the show’s schedule likewise. 

Weekly Animal Planet Show Schedule (June 27-July 3)

Sunday, June 27th

Programme / Show Name Description Duration Season / Episode Scheduled Time
North Woods Law The new episode of North Woods Law will be released on June 27, at 9:00 pm on Animal Planet. Officer Mackee is responsible for tracking a lead after a call made about the two bobcats on the loose. It will be episode no. 14. The reality show has received 5.1/10 ratings by Min Episode 14: Bobcut on the Loose 21:00:00
North Woods LawThe show is tempted by the elite workers of Maine Warden Service who are involved in searching pine tree ground facing various challenges. The reality show has gained popularity since it started. The workers are involved in solving human difficulties and protecting natural habitats around the corner of Maine. 
60 MinEpisode 3: Stranded in a Storm 22:00:00
North Woods LawFish and new game officers are also highlighted throughout the show. These officers work tirelessly to protect the natural resources of the Granite State. In this officers are given the challenging tasks of non-compliant snowmobilers. If you are planning to watch something interesting, I would recommend you to catch the show on Animal Planet.
60 MinSeason 13 Episode 4: Snow Way Out 23:00:00

Monday, June 28

Programme / Show NameDescriptionDurationSeason / Episode Scheduled Time
Homestead Rescue The latest episode of the show will be released on June 28, at 9:00 pm on Animal Planet. The two hours show covers the life struggle of Raney Ranch, while he moves slowly on building their dream cabin on a 300-foot cliff which was not acceptable before. The family is a great caretaker providing homesteaders and provides moral values to them.60 MinEpisode 5: Raney Ranch 21:00:00
Homestead RescueAs the depiction recommends, building a home on a 300-foot bluff will not be simple. The Raneys should get inventive to pull huge loads of materials and hardware to the site. The family should utilize all their resourcefulness and use land, water, and air transport to make their blessing from heaven. Also, if that wasn’t sufficient, the Raney’s just have a month and a half to wrap up.
60 Min Episode 6: Raney Ranch 22:00:00
Homestead RescueIn this episode,  Raney harnesses the importance of water by building a cabin from scratch. The process helps him understand the importance of water and its uses. Natural resources are useful for the future of humans. He harnesses this thought and goes on building a fully functioning cabin on his own.60 MinSeason 4 Episode 2: Raney Ranch23:00:00
Homestead RescueIn this episode, Marty struggles to build the cliff of the cabin on his own. He pays attention to the minimal details and goes on to find how to build a proper functional cabin for living. 
60 MinSeason 1 Episode 4: Raney Ranch 00:00:00

Tuesday, June 29th

Programme / ShowDescriptionDurationSeason / EpisodeScheduled Time
The ZooThe channel will premier a new episode of The Zoo from 8:00 pm on Animal Planet. The show studies the nature and lifestyle of various wild animals from different countries. In the new episode, the journey of tiger cubs to their intensive habitat along with a silverback gorilla undergoing critical surgery is shown. The zoo is filmed in eight months and takes audiences behind the scenes of the Bronx Zoo.120 Min Episode 12: Back Into the Wild20:00:00
Treehouse MastersTreehouse Masters is a reality television series that premiered in 2013 on Animal Planet. It has 11 seasons with various episodes. The show was a great success and covers 7.3/10 IMDb ratings. The latest episode of Treehouse Masters will premiere at 10:00 pm on June 29. This episode covers the struggle of a Michigan man to build an ultimate surprise for his wife. He requires the help of Pete to plan the gift. The Pete teams come up together to build a Swiss Family Robinson-inspired treehouse for his wife.60 Min Episode 10: Shipwrecked with a View 22:00:00
Crikey! It’s the Irwin The show premiered on 28 October on Animal Planet. It has 3 seasons with 42 episodes covering the lives of the world-famous Irwins family and their struggle. The Irwin family takes a patriarchal step in taking care of animals in the Australia Zoo. The show covers the ups and downs of the family while struggling to keep every animal of the zoo safe and sound. The show has received 8.4/10 ratings by IMDb. Recently, an announcement was made following the information regarding the 4th season of the show. 
60 MinSeason 3 Episode 2: Tiger Triplets23:00:00

Wednesday, June 30th

Programme / ShowDescriptionDuration Season / Episode Scheduled Time
Lone Star Law Lone Star Law is a television reality show that premiered in 2016 with 7 seasons and 76 episodes. Set in Texas and like its organization sister show North Woods Law, the show follows various wildlife superintendents of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department from different locales of the Lone Star State. The men and women of Texas are shown protecting the quarter-million square miles of lakes, pinewood, bayus, and plains.120 MinEpisode 21: Suspicious Trespassers20:00:00
Louisiana Law An illicit deer kill powers a couple of specialists to settle on an intense choice, and a clam skipper is busted for not having a permit. Afterward, a boat is spotted nearly sinking, and duck trackers are addressed for suspected badgering.
120 MinEpisode 1 22:00:00

Thursday, July 1st

Programme / ShowDescriptionDurationSeason / EpisodeScheduled Time
Deadliest Catch Deadliest Catch will premiere 3 new episodes starting at 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm on July 1. The show came into existence on April 12, 2005, and still launches new episodes every week. The show covers the fisherman’s deadly redemption to rescue the seawater’s lives.83 MinSeason 16 Episode 8: Mayday Mayday20:00:00
Deadliest CatchThe real-life documentary covering the deadliest and high-end adventures of the Alaskan crab fisherman. A must-watch documentary if you are a marine lover. In this new episode, crab biomass is intercepted by Josh and Casey.41 Min Season 16 Episode 9: Cold War Heating Up 22:00:00
Deadliest Catch In this episode, Josh tries to keep his crew safe when the anonymous storm hits the bay. This leaves everyone in hue. Perhaps, Josh finds a way to settle the storm by performing a few safety tips.41 MinSeason 16 Episode 10: Harm’s Way23:00:00

Animal Planet Show Schedule- Friday, July 2nd

Programme / ShowDescriptionDurationSeason / EpisodeScheduled Time
River Monsters River Monsters is an American-British television reality show that premiered on April 5, 2009, on Animal Planet. It is facilitated by outrageous fisherman and researcher Jeremy Wade, who goes throughout the planet looking for the most fearsome freshwater and saltwater executioners, searching for pieces of information, observers, and tales about individuals who were hauled submerged by these horrible hunters. 
120 MinEpisode 9: Serial Killing Sea Monsters20:00:00
River MonstersHe attempts to get the greatest examples and afterward discharge them back into nature. In this episode, Jeremy finds a man near the ocean whose face was ripped off by some sea monster. He finds his way back to search for the repetitive attacks happening in the locale.80 MinSeason 5 Episode 5: Face Ripper22:00:00
River Monsters In this episode, Jeremy is encountered by some man-sized killer in the boat. He hunts him down to scrounge the reality.40 MinSeason 5 Episode 2: 23:00:00

Animal Planet Show Schedule- Saturday, July 3rd

Programme / ShowDescriptionDurationSeason / EpisodeScheduled Time
Crikey! It’s the IrwinsIn this episode, they will share the splendid stories of their childhood, family, experience, and life in an Australian zoo. 
60 MinEpisode 4: A Baby Giraffe’s Tall Order21:00:00
The ZooThe Camel, Max encounters new challenges as he ages. There may be a change in the plan of giving a home to an injured turkey after he recovers. The red Panda, Willow gives birth to two cubs.41 MinSeason 4 Episode 1: A New Beginning 22:00:00
The ZooA wallaby living in the Apartment is to be rescued by the TAB team that heads to Manhattan for the extractions. 41 MinSeason 4 Episode 5: Wallaby in the City 23:00:00

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