Here’s how to fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9068

Some customers have claimed that they have received the Amazon Prime Video “Error Code 9068” message, which reads “Unable to complete your request” when using Amazon Prime Video. This problem appears for customers in the vast majority of reported instances either when they try to access channels via Prime Videos or when they attempt to enter the Settings menu.

Video Error Code 9068

As a result of our investigation into this problem, we have been able to identify a number of distinct parties that are likely to blame for the appearance of this specific error code. The following is a list of suspects who might be responsible for this:

What Causes Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9068?

  • Underlying server problem: As it turns out, you should be prepared to receive this error number if the Amazon Web service is presently dealing with a broad issue that impacts the streaming service. In this particular instance, the only solution available is to wait for the developers of Amazon Prime to find and implement a solution to the issue.
  • Device registration bug: According to some of those who have been impacted, this issue can also arise in the event that the data that Amazon Prime maintains regarding a specific device that you are using are faulty. If this is the case, you should be able to solve the issue by unregistering the device and then registering it once again.
  • Geo-locking used by Amazon Prime: As it turns out, you can also get this error number if you are attempting to stream Amazon Prime material from a region in which the service has not yet been officially introduced. You should go use a VPN service that is considered to be secure in order to make your location seem different. This will help you avoid being subject to a geo-lock of this sort.

Here’s how to fix the Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9068

Method 1: Checking to see if there are problems with the server

This is by far the most typical circumstance that will result in the 9068-error code being generated. When there was a major difficulty with the Amazon Web Service in the past, which impacted a large number of people all over the world, this problem was reported by a large number of those users. Streaming was essentially interrupted.

In the event that this scenario plays out, the problem will be entirely outside your sphere of influence. The only thing you can do is to examine the issue to find out whether any other people are presently experiencing anything like what you have described.

Checking online tools such as IsTheServiceDown and DownDetector to see whether other people are experiencing the same problems is a good place to start when you’re trying to determine whether or not an issue is related to Amazon’s server infrastructure. If the analysis indicates that there is an underlying server problem with Amazon, then none of the possible remedies that are listed below will work in your particular situation. In this particular scenario, the only thing you can do is wait for Amazon to resolve the issue on their end.

However, if you could not find any proof that the error code 9068 is presently occurring on a large scale in your region, you should go to the next possible cure that is located further down this page.

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Method 2: Remove your device’s registration from the system

De-registering the device on which the user saw the error code 9068 and then re-registering it fixed the issue for a significant number of users who were affected by this error code. These users stated that they were able to repair the issue by following this procedure. This is accomplished via the use of a specific Amazon link, which, in order to complete, requires you to connect your Amazon account. Before you register an Amazon Prime device once again, here is a simple instruction on how to de-register it first:

  • Follow this link to Amazon Pin and log in with the same account that you use to login to Amazon Prime.
  • After you have entered your username and password and have successfully signed in, scroll to the bottom of the Registered Devices section and click the Deregister button that is linked with the device that is causing you problems. This will remove the device from the list of registered devices.
  • On the next page, verify the unregistering of your device by selecting the button labeled “Deregister” (under Deregister this device).
  • Now that your device has been successfully deregistered, you will need to log out of your Amazon Prime account, after which you will need to go back to the Amazon Pin login page and finish the step of logging in once again.
  • After you have successfully logged in again, go back to the Registered Devices area and choose the option from the drop-down menu labeled “Register Your Device.”
  • After that, follow the instructions that appear on the screen to identify the particular device that you want to register, and then finish the process.

If you are still experiencing the same issue, go to the next possible solution that can be found further down the page.

Method 3: Utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client

You should expect to receive the error code 9068 if you are trying to stream material from Amazon Prime in a region in which the service has not yet been formally launched. This is because the streaming service has geographical restrictions on the content on Amazon Prime.

In this particular scenario, one solution that can help you escape the mistake is to use a VPN client that is considered to be secure. This will provide the impression that you are using Amazon Prime from a place that does not break any geo-restrictions. We want to make things as simple as possible for you, therefore we have compiled a list of user-verified VPN clients that have been proven to operate well with Amazon Prime users:

  • Unlocator
  • Cloudflare
  • Super Unlimited Proxy
  • Surfshark

Install one of these virtual private networks (VPN) services (each of them has a free plan), and then check to see whether the issue persists after you tunnel your connection via a country or region that is compatible with Amazon Prime.


If none of the above methods have been successful in resolving the problem for you, we suggest utilizing a premium online repair tool, which can search the repositories for missing or damaged files and replace them with new ones. This solution is effective in the vast majority of situations, particularly those in which the problem was caused by corruption in the system. Or you could simply contact their customer care for more help or assistance.

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Conclusion: So, this is how you can fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9068 if you encounter it on your TV. Follow all the above steps carefully and you’ll get rid of the issue in no time. If you like our instructions, please leave your valuable feedback in the empty comment area below. Also, keep coming back to our site for more such informative guides, to-dos’ and how-to articles.

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