How & Where to Enter Amazon FireStick Activation Code?

Have you just purchased your first Amazon Fire TV device? And you’re stuck on the screen asking for an Amazon Fire TV activation code? You’re not alone, to be sure. Many individuals report having a similar initial impression with Fire TV devices. However, if you’re a seasoned Fire TV user who has to re-register your device, you’ll find this information useful as well. To begin, I’ll go through how activation codes operate. Then, step by step, I’ll show you How & Where to Enter Amazon FireStick Activation Code? But first, let’s learn a bit about Amazon Firestick.

About Amazon Firestick:

Amazon Fire TV (officially abbreviated as amazon fireTV) is a line of Amazon’s digital media players and micro consoles. The devices are tiny network gadgets that broadcast digital audio and video information to a connected high-definition television via the Internet. Users can also use the provided controller or another game controller, or a mobile app remote control on another device, to access local content and play video games.

The gadget comes in two forms: HDMI plug-in stick and set-top box, both of which have lower specs than comparable boxes. The Fire TV Cube with embedded Amazon Echo smart speaker (which effectively replaced the Fire TV box model) is the current set-top box model, while the stick form factor includes four models: Fire TV Stick 4K Max (the latter effectively replacing the third-generation Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD “pendant”), the high-end Fire TV Stick 4K, the standard Fire TV Stick, and the beginner-level Fire TV Stick Lite.

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What is an Activation Code for an Amazon Fire Stick?

Amazon Fire Stick activation code is a one-time use PIN produced by the device. It is done to make it easier for consumers to connect their Fire TV device to their Amazon account. You can skip manually entering your Amazon account data on your Fire TV or FireStick by using the activation code.

You must either connect in to an existing Amazon account or establish a new one to complete the procedure. If you already have an account, go to using a handy device such as a smartphone or computer. Then, to finish the registration of your device, log in and input the activation code issued on your FireStick. Once you’ve finished the procedure, your device will remain connected to your Amazon account until you wish to deregister it.

Now that you’ve covered the fundamentals, it’s time to get down to business. I’ll teach you how and where to enter Amazon FireStick Activation Code from scratch in the section below.

How & Where to Enter Amazon FireStick Activation Code?

This section has been broken into two sections. Individuals who already have an Amazon account should go to the section on connecting an existing account in the first section. Those who do not have an account should go to the second section for instructions on how to create one.

How to register if you already have an Amazon account?

Follow these instructions to connect your Amazon account if you already have one:

  • Choose Have an account when configuring your Amazon Fire Stick. On the Amazon Account screen, sign in. and sign
  • On the following page, you’ll be prompted to go to and sign in using the activation code shown on the screen. and sign
  • Go to on your smartphone or computer, sign in, and input your account details.
activation code after signing in.
  • You’ll be led to a page where you can input your activation code after signing in.
activation code after signing in.
  • Click the Continue button after entering the activation code shown on your Fire Stick.
entering the activation code
  • Your device registration will be finished once you get a success notification.
success notification
  • The following screen will appear on your Fire Stick. Wait a few moments for your device to register.
screen will appear on your Fire Stick
  • After that, you’ll be greeted.
  • Click the Continue button to finish the registration procedure.
registration procedure
  • You’ll be prompted whether you want Amazon to remember your Wi-Fi credentials. To proceed, just click on Yes.
Amazon to remember
  • After that, you’ll be sent to the Profile page, where you may choose your profile and begin broadcasting.
Profile page

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How to register if you don’t have an Amazon account?

To use FireStick, you’ll need to establish an Amazon account if you don’t already have one. Follow the instructions below.

  • Choose the button New to Amazon? on the Fire Stick setup screen. Make an account with us.
  • You’ll be prompted to establish an account at, after which you’ll be prompted to input the code.
  • On your smartphone or computer, go to and click the Create an Amazon account option.
  • The screen will then prompt you to fill out entries for Your name, Email, and Password. And Re-enter your password on the following page. After finishing, click the yellow Create an Amazon account button.
  • Amazon will email a One-Time-Password (OTP) to the email account you supplied to validate your identity.
  • In a new tab/window, go to your email inbox and look for the most recent email from Amazon. Make a copy of the OTP.
  • Return to the Amazon website and input the OTP before clicking the yellow Create an Amazon Account button.
  • You’ll then reach the device registration page.
  • Click the yellow Continue button after entering the activation code displayed on your Fire Stick.
  • They will prompt you to input your address information on the following page. Complete the form and click the Add and utilize this address button.
  • The Amazon site will inform you that your registration for the Fire Stick is complete.
  • Then, a new screen will appear on your Fire TV Stick. Wait a few moments for your device to register.
  • After that, the screen will greet you with a welcome to your account. To confirm, click the Continue button.
  • To enable the device to store your Wi-Fi credentials to Amazon, I suggest clicking the Yes option.
  • Finally, you’ll arrive at the screen where you may choose your profile. To begin streaming, choose your profile.

Conclusion: So, that was all about Amazon Firestick and how and where to enter the Amazon Firestick activation code to activate the device. It is a simple and straightforward process. And if you follow all the instructions carefully, you’ll be able to do it in no time. With this, we hope that you will find the content of our article useful and handy. Please don’t forget to leave your valuable comments in the section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it necessary for me to have an Amazon account in order to register my Fire TV Stick?

Yes! To register/activate your Fire TV device, you must have an Amazon account. You may simply create one for free if you don’t already have one.

What is the purpose of activating/registering my Fire Stick?

You won’t be able to use your Fire TV Stick until you activate/register it with an Amazon account. All FireStick users must connect their entertainment hub to an Amazon account, according to Amazon. This allows the gadget to recognize your preferences. And also to track your streaming activity across Amazon content.

Is it possible to set up my FireStick without having to provide an activation code?

Users can activate their devices without an activation code if they have an Amazon account. But the process is more time-consuming. When you’re setting up your FireStick, choose the option ‘Have an account Sign In’. Then, on your Fire TV remote, hit the options button (three horizontal lines). After that, manually login into your account. And finish the device setup procedure by following the on-screen prompts.

Is there a charge for using Fire Stick on a monthly basis?

No, the Fire TV Stick does not have a monthly cost. However, you may be required to pay a monthly price for the services you will be utilizing. You simply have to pay the purchasing price for the Fire Stick on its own. You’ll only have to pay for the streaming services you utilize after that. With certain services, Amazon may offer bundles or free memberships.
If you acquire a lot of subscriptions, your TV bills will rapidly mount up. As a result, you should attempt to keep the number of streaming services you pay for to a minimum. Take a look at what streaming services are available and attempt to choose a couple that meets your TV-watching requirements.

Is it possible to watch normal television on an Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes, you can watch regular TV with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It works with free applications like BBC iPlayer and All 4. It enables you to watch live television. As a result, the TV channels available on the Fire Stick may vary from your existing cable subscription. You’ll be able to access certain items for free. But you may need to purchase a subscription in other circumstances.
Because the Stick is built on Android, if you want to utilize a TV channel app that isn’t available on the Amazon app store, you may side-load it. But, once again, keep in mind the associated concerns. The most crucial of which is safety. Installing software from dodgy or untrustworthy sources is not a good idea.

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