How do I activate my ZipCard via Zipcar Website

This article enlists how to activate Zipcard online via the Zipcar website as well as the app. The instructions are pretty simple and straightforward. So, if you’re wondering, “How do I activate my Zipcard online?” read on.

Activate Zipcard Online

How do I activate my Zipcard?

How do I activate my ZipCard: Even though there are a number of other methods that you can use to activate ZipCard, activating it online is often the most straightforward and hassle-free option. The following are the steps to activate Zipcard online

  • Go to the official website for Zipcard activation at
  • Scroll all the way down and choose the option that says “Activate your Zipcard.”
  • To activate your card, choose the “Card Activation” option from the dashboard.
  • Please provide the relevant information about your Zipcard.
  • Additionally, you can choose the services that you want to access using your card in order to access them.
  • In the last step of the activation process, you will need to choose the “Activate” option in order to successfully finish the procedure.

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How do I activate my ZipCard via the Zipcar app?

You can even activate Zip card via Zipcar app. Now you may be wondering, “How do I activate my ZipCard via Zipcar App?”. If for any reason you are unable to activate your Zipcard online, you also have the option of using the Zipcar mobile app. You will need to follow the steps that are below in order to begin using the Zipcar app.

  • To begin, you will need to get the application from the app store and then launch it.
  • In order for you to sign in, you will need to provide both your username and your password.
  • Click the ‘Drive’ button that is located at the very top of the screen.
  • Choose the option to “Play Around” with it.
  • The last step is to choose a horn icon from the menu and then click on the unlocking buttons in order to get access to the Zipcar app.

Points to note before you get into your Zipcar

  • In the first instance, you need to check whether the car has any damage and promptly report it to the insurance company.
  • You should also maintain your automobile by ensuring that it is always clean and in a secure environment. In addition to this, you need to clear out the automobile of any garbage as well as any essential items that you keep in there.
  • You should refrain from smoking while you are inside the vehicle since doing so might result in a fine to cover the cost of cleaning it.
  • When you have access to Zip cards, you need to be very timely since you cannot make the next user wait. If you are late for your appointment, you will have to pay a penalty of fifty dollars.
  • Alternatively, you can use the app to submit a request for an extension of your time.

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What are the different kinds of costs and fees associated with Zipcar?

As you are aware, How do I use my ZipCard. You should be aware of the various costs and fees associated with Zipcar. In addition to the cost of becoming a member of Zipcar and paying the usual driving rates, there may be additional fees and levies. Details can be found down below.

  • Application Fees: When a driver seeks to become a member, they are required to pay a one-time application cost of $25. The expense of retrieving driving records, as well as analyzing and approving applications, is partially covered by this charge. The application fee is non-refundable and will be paid to the driver regardless of whether or not they are accepted as a member of the organization.
  • Business Account Fees: When a business account is opened, a one-time account setup charge in the amount of $75 will be levied. This charge helps to cover the expenses of setting up the account. The price for setting up the account is not refundable. There are a few membership options and special offers that could not need you to pay the first account creation price.
  • Fees for Young Drivers: Members who are 18 to 24 years old and who plan a trip in the United States are subject to a young driver surcharge. After a member reaches the age of 25, they are exempt from paying the cost for any excursions they begin. There are several membership options that could not be subject to the young driver’s cost.

The young driver’s price is $3.75 per hour or $62.50 per day for members who are making reservations in the New York metropolitan area. The young driver fee is $1.25 per hour for members ages 18 to 20. Young driver fees are $0.88 per hour or $12.50 per day for members aged 21 to 24. These fees increase to $2.50 per hour or $31.25 per day for members making reservations in the New York metropolitan area.

ZipCard Overview

Zipcar is a ride-sharing firm that was founded in the United States and has its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They provide reservations in a vehicle to Zipcar members, and such bookings are available for as little as a few minutes, as long as a whole day, or anywhere in between. The user can choose to pay for membership on a yearly basis or on a monthly basis, depending on which option better suits their needs. It is estimated that around one million people from a variety of countries are now making use of Zipcar’s services.

Users need to activate Zipcard in order for them to make use of the services that they provide and to have access to Zipcar.


Zipcar is a corporation that allows customers to hire automobiles via the use of the Zipcar app. They make it possible for consumers to rent an automobile for a limited amount of time only. Following the instructions above will allow you to activate Zipcard online via their official website and their app in a quick and simple manner.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How do I activate my zipcard?

You can refer to the instructions above to activate your Zipcard.

How to activate zipcar without card?

In the United States, it is possible to use Zip Car even if you do not have a physical Zip Card with you. Using the Zip Car app on your smartphone, you can unlock and lock the Zip Car, and as soon as you’ve unlocked it, you’re set to go. However, in order to successfully lock or unlock the Zip Car, you will need to ensure that your internet connection is active. This program can only function while it is connected to the internet.

How to use zip card online?

Just go to the official website of Zipcar and use all of their online features as you like.

What exactly is included in my booking for a Zipcar?

Using Zipcar comes with a number of advantages. The following is a list of some of the things that are included with all bookings:
1. They will pay for your gas and there will be a gas card in every Zipcar.
2. Each journey includes a minimum of 180 miles in distance (may depend on your membership plan).
3. A place to park for free that is specifically marked. Roadside Assistance is Available Around the Clock at (866) 4 ZIP CAR.

Is there a fleet of electric cars available via Zipcar?

As part of an electrification pilot program, Zipcar started offering electric cars to a select group of customers in certain countries beginning in October 2022. While they are gathering input to assist them in effectively rolling out additional electric vehicles throughout the cities, their members in certain markets will have access to Kia Niro electric vehicles.

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