How To Activate USTVGO On Roku, Firestick, Android, And Apple?

Welcome to the activation guide of USTVGO, this tutorial will teach you how to stream and Activate USTVGo on your streaming devices like Roku, FireStick Android, or Apple. The methods in this article apply to any Fire TV device you own, including the Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, FireStick Lite, New FireStick, and even the Fire TV Cube. USTVGo is a great way to watch your favorite TV channels on FireStick. It is a web-based service that can be accessed using a computer browser. Fortunately, popular browsers such as Amazon Silk and Firefox are supported by streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV.

The nicest part of USTVGO is that it is completely hassle-free. USTVGO does not need the download or installation of any software or APK. Simply navigate to the webpage on your FireStick and begin watching live TV. This article contains the whole set of procedures for downloading, installing, and activating USTVGO for streaming unlimited content. Continue reading!

Is It Safe To Use USTVGO?

VirusTotal did detect one dangerous file inside the URL that appears to be related to viruses/malware. We often emphasize the significance of utilizing both antivirus software and a VPN while visiting untrusted websites like USTVGO. When we discover flagged files in VirusTotal, we know that a reliable VPN for IPTV is needed to secure your online identity and security.

Activate USTVGO On Your Streaming Devices Step-By-Step:

USTVGO is a well-known Live TV Streaming Site that can be viewed using any computer browser. This website has various offshoots, one of which is USTV247. Following the demise of Modbro, many people are seeking a live TV streaming service, and USTVGO is an excellent alternative. This free streaming website is famous among those who have jailbroken their Firestick or Android TV Box.

It has a large number of genres and channels for live streaming and an easy-to-use layout. Despite the presence of advertisements on the site, one of the finest aspects of USTVGO is that no sign-up is necessary! USTVGO offers Live channels in a number of categories such as News, Entertainment, Kids, Sports, and others.

How Do You Activate USTVGO On Amazon Fire TV?

We’ll look at how to use the browser we just installed to watch USTVGo on FireStick.

  1. To start with, navigate to your FireStick’s home screen and select the Your Apps & Channels section/row.
  1. Click ‘See All’ which is given on the left side.

NOTE– If you are not able to see the ‘See All’ option, continue to the right in the same row until you find the browser you have already installed.

  1. To open the browser, scroll down to the bottom row and click it.

NOTE– To access the browser from the home screen, use the FireStick remote’s 3-line button to bring up the menu. On your screen, select ‘Move’ from the popup menu. Readjust the browser tile so that it is in the first row.  Now it will appear on the home screen of your FireStick.

  1. You should now be able to see the on-screen keypad. Click the address bar in the upper left corner and enter-
  1. The following prompt may appear, requesting that you adjust the display. does not need to be calibrated. As a result, click Cancel.

  1. All you have to do now is select the TV channel you want to watch and begin streaming.
  1. There are a lot of categories to choose from on USTVGO. The categories are arranged at the top.
  1. The TV Guide category is also available on the menu. To view it, select the TV Guide option.

Follow These Instructions To Stream USTVGO On Your Android TV:

  1. Select the Search icon from the Main Menu and enter Silk Browser and click on the recommended search result.
  1. On your Firestick remote control, press the Select button. Then click the Download button.
  1. If you prefer, you can launch the browser by clicking Open. In this case, I recommend holding down the Home button on your remote.
  1. When this page is loaded, select Apps. Now, navigate your mouse over the Silk Browser and select the Options button. From there choose to move.
  1. Place the Silk Browser whenever you want by pressing the OK button on your remote. Start the Silk Browser.
  2. To enter a URL, click the Search icon given on the top of the screen.
  1. Enter the URL – and press the Go button.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the referenced link is the official URL of this app/addon. TROYPOINT is not the owner or operator of any streaming website, service, app, or addon, and has no connection with any developers.

  1. If you are presented with this screen, simply select Cancel.
  1. We are done now! With the Silk Browser, you can now use USTVGO on your Firestick/Fire TV device.
  1. To bookmark the USTVGO website, select the star icon labeled “Add Bookmark.”
  1. Just move your mouse over the channel link of your choice to select a channel and press the OK button on your remote.

So, there you go. You can now easily watch and enjoy all your favorite shows and Activate USTVGO on your Android TV. 

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The Process To Activate USTVGO On Roku Streaming Device:

This channel offers three subscription plans: USTV Now free, USTV Now Basic, and USTV Now Basic + DVR. Before you may download the app on your Roku player, you must first subscribe to these services. Then, go to the Roku sign-up page and log in to your account. Select the Add a channel with a coded link under Manage account and enter the code. Open the channel after it shows on the Roku screen to obtain the activation code. You may activate it by going to

USTVnow is a suitable internet streaming channel that allows you to see popular stuff that has been broadcast. Furthermore, this channel is now officially accessible on the Roku channel shop, which you may access using your Roku account. Similarly, you may record all of your favorite episodes and movies to watch later. If you need additional details on how to set up USTVNow on Roku, please contact +1-844-661-1050.

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