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Activate Trakt Tv on Kodi

Amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, streaming services experience a sudden surge in the digital era, especially in between youngsters. Today, people are attracted to watch their favorite shows and movies online via streaming service rather than waiting for a new release on their cable channel. In this way, is a pioneering platform that allows its users to track all the favorite shows and movies online. The motive to launch the astounding services of is to trace all your shows and channels with the exact timings, so you can’t miss any of these. In this guide, we have compiled the proven steps to activate so that with ease you can enjoy the services of your premium media center. 

To use the services, make sure to first create your Trakt tv account with the help of the trakt tv activate link from the authorized site – Apart from this, by joining the happy subscriber family of Trakt tv, you get an opportunity to access this tailor-made service with any media center including the name of Kodi, Netflix, Amazon, VLC, and much more. 

Get a move on and create your account and activate it with the help of an official link. 

How To Register for a Trakt TV Account – Create Your Account Now!

Want to create or register for Trakt account? Then pursue these useful steps to do the same. 

  • To begin with the procedure, make sure to visit the official Trakt TV link, which is, and tap the button, which says “JOIN TRAKT FOR FREE”.
  • Now, type in your email address (where you get an email for verification), username, password, and then confirm your password. Then select the “I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” checkbox and click the “JOIN TRAKT” button.
  • After this, you will need to personalize your created profile by adding a date of birth, gender, name, and location.
  • Tap the “NEXT STEP” button and then from the “Select your favorite genres” page, pick your favorites. 
  • Once again, click the “NEXT STEP” button and add TV and movies to your Trakt profile. 
  • In the next step, click the “NEXT STEP” button and share all your activities to one of these to receive real-time notifications:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google
  • Now, click “Continue to Dashboard” and your Trakt TV account is now ready to use.

Activate on Media Center

Use username and password to complete the sign-in steps, but for this, you need to access the app and connect it with the media center. 

  • Open the official link – and enter the important details like Email, Username, Password, and Confirm Password. 
  • Now, tick the “Terms and Conditions” checkbox and click “Join Trakt” option to open Trakt in the Media center.
  • You will receive an “8 Digits Pin Code”, which you need to enter in the provided screen.
  • Head back to the active web browser and type in the device that you are using. 
  • It’s time to enter the pin in the given space and click on the Continue button to proceed further. 
  • Once you are done with the above-guided steps, you will receive the notification, which states “Allow access to for media center to use your account” and then tap on “Yes”.
  • Return to the “Media Center” to get a success message that your has been connected.
I Can’t Find The 8 Digits Pin Code – What To Do Now?

In case, you don’t receive the 8 digit activation code, then navigate to the “Plugin Settings” to select “Authentication Section”. Now, you need to read all the available Instructions and the “8 Digit Code” will appear on the available screen.

How To Activate Trakt TV on Firestick/ Firetv?

With the technology advancement, it’s easy to activate on your Amazon FireTV and Firestick. Follow these steps to do the same:

  • Turn On your Amazon Firestick/ Firetv device open the “Trakt app” to complete the sign-up option.
  • Now, click “Register” or choose the “Link Account” option to reach the Amazon firestick home screen. 
  • Read all the instructions and follow them. 
  • Now, explore the link and enter the “8 Digit Code”.
  • Choose one of the options, which says “Register with an Email” or “Register with Facebook”.
  • You will receive the Activation Pin Code on your registered mobile number or email address.
  • Enter the code for successful trakt tv on the firestick login. 

How To Activate Trakt TV on Kodi?

  • Open “Kodi” and make sure to select your favorite add-on. 
  • From the Menu option, make sure to select Tools to reach Settings: Accounts option
  • Now, tap on the Settings: Accounts option and scroll down the page to reach Authorization button.
  • Kodi will display the Trakt authorization code. Make sure to write it down or copy the same.
  • Now, visit and enter the code in the available field, and click Continue.
  • Then, click Yes and you will get a message confirming that your device is now connected. 

Note: Similarly, you can activate on other streaming apps by implementing these above-guided steps. Meanwhile, one should note that you always require a unique entry code for each media center with which you want to connect.

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