Register, Payment, Rewards, Activate Toys R Us credit card

The Toys R Us credit card was specifically set up to only be used at certain locations, thus toys were bought with it. The best aspect of credit cards is their rewards program, which is exclusive to regular buyers. In case you are willing to learn about the process to activate Toys R Us credit card then this is the post for you, not only the activation process but other processes are included as well such as registration, log-in, payment, etc. 

We can start with the very first step which is to register for Toys R Us credit card, then we can move to the major process included which is to activate Toys R Us credit card.

Registration process for Toys R Us credit card

  • Through the official website of toysrus, credit cards can be registered. 
  • The “I wish to register link” can be found by scrolling down after logging in to the website and clicking the login tab. 
  • The credit card holder must provide their account number and zip code in the fields provided as part of this registration process, which enables online access. 
  • You will need to provide more information so that your user ID and password can be created.

Once the aforementioned procedure has been completed successfully, return to the login page, enter your new user ID and password, and log into your new account.

Method to activate Toys R Us credit card

  • Visit the Toys “R” Us sign-in page.
  • Step 2 is to select “Activate my card.”
  • Select “Register and activate” on the following screen.
  • Now you have to enter your account number and press the “Next” button.
  • Comply with the on-screen directions to confirm your card, choose your security, choose a unique image, and then click “Finish.” It will be successful to activate your account.

This is how you can activate Toys R Us credit card without any issues.

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How can you log into Toys R Us credit to avail its benefits?

  • Visit the Toys “R” Us website at
  • Now you have to select “manage account.”
  • Login to Toys “R” Us Toys “R” Us Login
  • Step 3 is to log in by entering your User ID. The password will be typed on the following page to prevent phishing. Additionally, this browser will provide you the option of preserving your User ID.

Follow these steps if you have forgotten the username or password for your Toys “R” Us credit card-

  • Click ‘Lookup User ID’ on the Toys “R” credit card login screen.
  • You must input your account number, which can be found on the front of your card or account statement, as well as your SSN’s last four digits. Select “Next.”
  • After getting your User ID back, you can start the process of changing your password.

Top Alternatives to Toys R Us Credit Card:
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2. Aspire Credit Card

Facts and payment method of Toys R Us credit card

Any Toys R Us or Babies R Us location globally as well as online accepts the Toys R Us credit card. There are two variations of the card offered by Synchrony Bank: the R Us MasterCard Platinum and the R Us Credit Card. The platinum MasterCard can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted, while the Toys R Us credit card can only be used to make purchases at Toys R Us or BabiesRUs locations.

The Toys R Us credit card gives rewards and a credit card spending bonus, just like any other store credit card. You receive one point for each dollar spent in the store. Toys R Us members receive $5 in store credit after collecting 125 points. Through the Endless Earnings programme, BabiesRUs registered customers can earn up to 10% of their purchases. Additionally, every member is a part of Geoffrey’s Birthday Club, which offers unique bonuses on the member’s birthday.

Payment for Toys R Us credit card-

Cardholders of Toysrus credit cards have up to three alternatives for paying their bills; they can do so by mail, phone, or online platforms. Pay your Toysrus credit card bill over the phone: Paying your bills over the phone has got to be the easiest thing you’ll ever do because all the cardholder needs to do is ring the listed number and follow the on-screen instructions. Therefore, if you want to pay bills with your MasterCard credit card, you should call 1855-389-2359; but, if you want to pay the Toys R Us Stores, you should call 1855-389-2365.

Keep in mind that when you call the aforementioned numbers, you will not be speaking with a customer support agent but rather an automated voice option.

  1. Online Toysrus card payments

The cardholder must first log in to their accounts on the Toysrus credit card website using their user ID and password. After doing so, they will be taken to the dashboard of the credit card website, where they can choose to pay their bills using their Toysrus credit card.

  1. Mail your Toysrus credit card payments

In order to use this option, cardholders must send a check or money order to the listed address.

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Rewards of Toys R Us credit card

Utilizing these credit cards to your advantage is straightforward. You must redeem the rewards in order to claim and get the prizes. The Toys R Us Credit Card Login page can be used to redeem your account rewards. Although they still appear on bank statements, points earned from previous purchases are no longer redeemable. It’s crucial to keep this in mind.

There are two types of Toys R Us credit cards: 

  • Toys R Us and Babies R Us both accept the “R” Us Credit Card, a corporate credit card.
  • Anywhere MasterCard is accepted, you can use the MasterCard “R” Us.

These cards earn points in the retailer’s “R” Us program. You receive 4 cents in US money for each point. You can check the $5 value of the 125 points as well. You can also defer cash payments for purchases above $ 299 for six months and for purchases over $ 749 for twelve months using the Toys R Us Credit Card Login. Keep in mind that financing purchases in this manner won’t earn you any points.

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