Activate the mechanism in Genshin Chasm

Travelers get significant insight into the history and happenings of The Chasm and its surrounding regions by exploring it throughout different World Quests. It also offers new sorts of materials, as well as new mechanics and devices that will aid you in your subterranean trip. You need to trigger a series of devices during The Heavenly Stone’s Debris World Quest, but you’re trapped by a weird material. This article explains where to discover these and how to activate the mechanism in Genshin Chasm.

About Genshin Chasm:

The Chasm is a region west of Lisha, Liyue, that is the nation’s principal source of ores. A succession of strange mishaps forced the mine’s closure in the recent past, leaving its employees out of employment. The Liyue Qixing, on the other hand, is progressively reopening the region, enabling miners to resume work. Esther mentions that the climate in the Chasm is quite different from the rest of Liyue, but she doesn’t explain why.

The Chasm, a new playable zone in Genshin Impact, is full of unresolved mysteries and secret exploration goals. In the Nameless Ruins, players can encounter a closed gate when exploring The Chasm: Underground Mines. To unlock the closed gate, players must locate nine orbs of the Blue Depth. These orbs can only be obtained by battling Shadowy Husks that may be found throughout the Underground Mines. Unlocking the gate will earn players the “Crede Tenebrae” achievement, as well as the ability to unlock many treasure boxes.

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Activate the mechanism in Genshin Chasm:

Where can you discover the Chasm mechanisms in Genshin Impact?

One of the goals of The Heavenly Stone’s Debris World Quest is to find the mechanism. Travelers will be charged with triggering three sets of mechanisms situated south of Stony Halls’ main mining area as part of The Chasm World Quest Series’ The Chasm Delvers.

 Delvers World missions

These systems have been disabled due to a slimy purple fluid known as Oozing Concretions. As a result, you’ll need to utilize the Lumenstone Adjuvant device to remove the Oozing Concretions that have encased the mechanisms.

If you can’t get the material around the mechanics to come off, you’ll have to upgrade the device to a Level 2 or above. Lumenspar and Lumenstone Ore, both blue-colored elements discovered in The Chasm’s Underground Mines, are required for this.

 Delvers World missions

Visit Jinwu after you’ve gathered enough Lumenspar and Lumenstone Ore to upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant device, which requires the Blooming Light effect to complete. Jinwu may be discovered in the Underground Mines of The Chasm’s Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel.

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How do you activate the mechanism in Genshin Chasm?

Now that the device has been improved, you can focus on finding the three mechanisms and removing them from the Oozing Concretions. To activate the mechanism in Genshin Chasm, Travelers must first reclaim the gadget’s energy by gathering blue energy orbs and using them to replenish the totems nearby.

  • The first mechanism sits southwest of the Teleporter sign in the center of Stony Halls. And the other mechanisms are not far away.
 Delvers World missions

Stand near to the first pillar to refill it before triggering the mechanism after you have enough energy. Keep an eye on your stride, since the Oozing Concretions have the potential to drain the gadget’s energy meter.

 Delvers World missions
  • The second mechanism is located west of the first mechanism. And to activate it, you must gather enough Lumenstone Adjuvant energy to eradicate the Oozing Concretions.

Some energy orbs lie towards the foot of a cliff near the second mechanism; however, after refilling the pillar, you may trigger the second mechanism. This summons a Hydro Abyss Herald adversary in the region you must clear.

 Delvers World missions
  • The third mechanism is southeast of the final pillar, and an adjacent room contains several energy orbs. After removing the Oozing Concretions from the mechanism, attacking slime foes will attack once again. Once the monsters have been vanquished, recharge the device and activate the mechanism, which will trigger a cutscene. More foes will spawn in this place, and fighting them will let you complete the Debris World Quest from The Heavenly Stone.

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How can you go into the underground mines of The Chasm in Genshin Impact?

The Chasm, a fresh new location full of mines in Genshin Impact 2.6, is now available. And here’s how to access its Underground Mines in the game.

Excited gamers have not been disappointed with the launch of the highly anticipated Genshin Impact 2.6 update. The list continues on and on with the inclusion of entirely new material. It includes the introduction of Kamisato Ayato as a playable character, new missions, monsters, recipes, and weapons. The Chasm, for example, is a new location in the game with an underground mining section inside it. The Chasm region is readily accessible; however, the player must complete a mission to get entrance to the subterranean mining section.

The player must accomplish one of the Chasm Delvers World missions. These missions are: “Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering,” to get entry to the subterranean mines.

You must locate and destroy the bedrock keys in order to finish this task. They’re floating rock constructions in the Chasm that you may find on your map. They’re also destroyed by striking the cage-like Geo structures that may be found nearby. To begin, destroy the two Geogranum that are near the cages that enclose the bedrock key. They are at the foot of the distant rock in the illustration below.

 Delvers World missions

After you’ve taken out both of them, you may destroy the cage-like geo structure while facing the bedrock key. This will launch a projectile at it, knocking it out. In the cave under the unusual geo rock near the Lost Valley domain, one of the Bedrock keys can be found. After you’ve destroyed all of the bedrock keys, the seal on the Chasm will be broken. It enables you to enter the area’s Underground Mines. You can either use the elevator or glide inside, as shown on the map. And now you know how to go inside Genshin Impact’s Chasm Underground Mines.

Conclusion: So, that was all about how you can activate the mechanism in Genshin Chasm. With this, we hope that you will be able to activate the mechanism in no time. And will find the content of our article useful.

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