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So you’re thinking about joining the Global Cash Card family? There are so many reasons that make this company a leader amongst payroll companies. Starting with the charity to cutting-edge technology and everything in between, this is certainly a great choice for anyone who values easy access to both their paychecks and some charity. Hence, there are no reasons left not to Activate the Global Cash card instantly.

Health benefits, 401K matches, and pet insurance are great on the Global cash card. But one of the hardest parts of employment is dealing with the paychecks that finance these benefits. And many companies have found that old-fashioned paper checks include hidden employment costs. With Global Cash Card, companies can provide their employees with financial savings and better security. And employees get a fast way to access their paychecks and avoid fees on everyday purchases.

What makes the Global Cash Card stand out from its Competitors?

The Global Cash Card is a great financial solution for companies that want to stop using paper checks and improve payroll efficiency. With features like electronic money transfers, real-time account balances, and the ability to lock the card if it gets lost or stolen, the cash card is easy to use and offers secure access to your payroll. The Global Cash Card simplifies payroll for companies and provides a convenient spending option for employees. With the largest possible selection of currencies, the ability to load the card instantly online or in person, and the security of the e-Money Transfer Programme, the GCC is currently being used by thousands of companies worldwide to improve their employees’ payroll experience.

A Global Cash Card is a prepaid card that links to your company’s payroll system. This can make your company’s investment in payroll technology more accessible for employees who may have less access to a bank account or credit card. It also saves companies money by going paperless and electronic. Payroll is love. Global Cash Card is your way of showing it. It lets you deliver paychecks and benefits electronically to employees using a secure paperless card – and it’s just as easy for your employees to use the card as it is for you.

The response to the service has been overwhelming and the company has experienced over 900% growth in 2014. The card delivers the fastest way to get your money and pay your bills online. It connects businesses to charities, helping save the world while transforming the way you spend your money.

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How to Activate the Global Cash Card?- Complete Steps

To Activate Global Cash Card, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. When inquired, “Do you have a card with us?” click yes to activate an account.
  3. Enter the card number as well as the expiration date.
  4. When there is no expiration date, leave it empty and press the Continue button.
  5. To register an account, choose a 4-digit PIN and fill out the form on the following pages.
  6. To finish the verified registration process, implement the on-screen commands.

Learn to Activate the Global Cash Card Online in other words-

GCC makes it as simple as possible to create a new account. Keep in mind you have your cash card on hand before proceeding to the GCC online activation website at From your new card, you must provide your card number as well as the expiration date. You must also provide security text to demonstrate that you are a person at the desktop. Keep going by clicking the button below, and then finish setting up your online account.

This is true for the new personalized MasterCard or Visa card you were given. This does not implement to the immediate issue payment cards that you’ve already received as part of your paycheck from your employer. However, it is critical to keep your incredibly quick issue pay card as it can serve as a backup card if you end up losing the personalized MasterCard or Visa card that you are activating presently.

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Instructions to Activate Global Cash Card via Phone-

If you recommend finishing your Global Cash Card activation offline, GCC has set up a toll-free activation path is for you. Consult a customer service representative using the information below, so they’ll be able to activate your new card within minutes.

Even before your personalized cash card is activated, you will have instant access to your paycheck as soon as your employer started releasing the funds. You can then spend the cash at merchants all over the world or withdraw it from an ATM whenever you want. The funds on your GCC cash card are safe. It is not only FDIC insured, but it is also secured by MasterCard and Visa’s zero liability policy initiatives. To activate your Global Cash Card over the phone, follow these steps:

  1. To activate your “instant issue” pay card, please contact 1-866-929-8096.
  2. Adhere to the voiceover instructions.
  3. You must select a 4-digit Personal Identification Number during activation (PIN).
  4. Once your personalized cash card is activated, you will have easy accessibility to your paycheck as soon as your employer started releasing the funds.

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If you have lost your new cash card check this out!

If you have misplaced your new cash card with the personalized information, please contact the authorities right away. To prevent activity on your cash card, please contact (949) 751-0360. Once the Global Cash Card has been activated, you can load funds onto it using MoneyGram or Western Union. Finish your Global Cash Card activation requirements today so that you can spend your paycheck how you want.

That was all in our post, we hope you liked this article and it will help you successfully Activate the Global Cash Card.

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