Guide to watch & activate TF1 Outside of France

TF1, a well-known French video-on-demand service that has many Concerts, chat programs, and reality shows, among other things, is available on it. Unfortunately, outside of France, TF1 material is geo-blocked. If you want to activate TF1 from outside France in spite of the geo-blocks, then this tutorial is for you. Here, we will show how to change the server location to France and watch the most popular French TV programs that are available for free. We’ll teach you how to unblock TF1 and stream videos without being restricted by geography in this article.

Are you interested in watching TF1 outside of France? Thousands of people every day search for a solution to watch The Voice or La Villa des Coeurs Brisés outside France. It’s really simple! All you need are a VPN service and a Smart DNS Proxy. In this detailed tutorial, we will show you how to unblock TF1 from anywhere in the world to relish french cultural shows on your streaming device.

Complete Steps to watch TF1 outside of France

The wait is now over. To view TF1 outside of France in 2021, you just have to follow these short and easy steps. So, let’s get started:

  • Install and activate a virtual private network (VPN). ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.
  • Then log in to the VPN application.
  • From the list of provided servers, select the France server.
  • Lastly, just go to TF1 Direct and create a FREE account to watch TF1 outside of France.

Finely Selected Best VPNs to Activate and Watch TF1 outside of France

Screening put 25 VPN providers with servers in France to the test to see which one was the best. Netflix’s VPN banning is growing more stringent, so only a few services are now working. Here are the three selected services to be the best VPNs to watch TF1 outside of France in 2021.


Outside of France, Surfshark is the most cost-effective VPN for unblocking TF1. It has more than 3200 trustworthy servers in more than 60 countries, including important French cities like Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, etc. Apart from TF1, its powerful French servers allow you to access any geo-restricted site like France. TV, Canal+, and 6 Plus are all available.

TF1 can be streamed on any major streaming platform, including Android, Windows, iOS, Smart TV, macOS, Roku, Android TV, PlayStation, and Xbox, thanks to Surfshark’s dedicated apps and DNS. You can get unlimited simultaneous device connections, 24/7 chat support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee with the Surfshark package.


Outside of France, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for accessing TF1. It has over 3000 servers in over 90 countries that enable popular streaming services including TF1, 6Play, Foxtel Go, Disney Plus, BFI, USTV, and others. It provides specialized apps as well as DNS MediaStreamer for streaming TF1 on any major streaming device, including Android, Gaming Console iOS, Roku, Fire TV, and Android TV. You just need to install a VPN on Roku, Android, and other streaming devices.

You can watch TF1 anywhere in HD quality streaming without buffering or cyber dangers thanks to unlimited bandwidth and AES 256-bit encryption. A major advantage is that you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously on a single account and can even get a month of free service with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Outside of France, NordVPN is a trustworthy VPN for watching TF1. It has over 5400 servers in 50 countries, including 230 French servers, so you can enable TF1 from anywhere on the planet. Aside from TF1, NordVPN is compatible with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, and a slew of other services. NordVPN offers exceptional security features like AES-256-GCM encryption, no-logs policy, and the NordLynx protocol, in addition to fast streaming and unlimited bandwidth.

Dedicated apps and DNS SmartPlay are also available to support TF1 streaming on main devices. NordVPN’s single subscription plan includes 6 multi-logins and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Instructions for watching TF1 outside France on Android

If you’re not in France, don’t worry. Just follow these instructions to get TF1 on Android:

  1. Sign up for a VPN service ( we recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Connect to the French server using the VPN app.
  3. Go to Google Play and sign up for a new account.
  4. On your Android device, accept the configuration settings.
  5. TF1 can be downloaded through the Google Play Store.
  6. Make sure you’re logged in to your account.
  7. TF1 is now available to stream.

Process for Streaming TF1 outside France on iOS Devices-

If you’re not in France, follow these instructions to get TF1 on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Install the ExpressVPN app on your iOS device after signing up for the service.
  2. Connect to the French server using the VPN software.
  3. Change the location of your Apple ID to France.
  4. Search for the “TF”1 app in the Apple App Store.
  5. Download and install the TF1 app and log in using your username and password.
  6. Outside of France, you can watch TF1 on your iOS device now.

Is Using a Free VPN to Unblock TF1 outside France is safe?

While getting a free VPN is appealing, keep in mind, there are numerous red signs to be cautious of. To begin with, free VPNs do not secure internet traffic using encryption algorithms, resulting in increased buffering. Furthermore, buffering can ruin your TF1 streaming experience. Nobody wants to wait for minutes for the episode to finish uploading.

Additionally, because free VPNs rely on advertisements to make money, they will flood your screen with intrusive advertisements. That is why they are unrestricted. Another reason is that a free VPN is not secure for your personal information.

A premium VPN has a rigorous logging policy and safeguards your data at all costs. Whereas free VPN providers may give your personal information to other parties for money.

Free VPNs, on the other hand, do not have as many servers as paid VPNs. With a free VPN, you won’t be able to access popular streaming services like Netflix, BT Sport, or Hulu.

Free VPN services can only connect to a restricted number of servers. 

Well, that was it! We hope you liked this article and gathered a bunch of information throughout. By following this guide, you can watch & Activate TF1 Outside of France. For more updates, stay tuned with us!

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