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At Continental Finance Company [CFC], the customers are the top priority. So, you don’t have to regret spending your time while you Activate Reflex credit card. They specialize in providing credit cards that help the customers build or establish their credit with dignity and respect. The customers enjoy the convenience of a Visa or Mastercard, along with CFC benefits including online account management, cash advances through ATMs and at over 834,000 locations nationwide, and much more!

Continental Finance Company offers a great program for consumers looking to build or re-establish good credit. With the great benefits and easy application process, they help customers better manage their credit options. They also offer quality credit cards to people with less than perfect credit scores. If you have less than perfect credit history – no worries, they provide an easy process for you to establish your credit history, and they do it with dignity and respect.

About the Reflex credit card- Collect all the information here-

  • The initial credit limit is between $300 and $1,000.
  • Credit Limitation Possibility After only 6 months, there has been an increase.
  • Having $0 Fraud Liability, you can relax.
  • Reporting to the Three Major Credit Bureaus on a Monthly Basis
  • On electronic statements, you can get a free monthly credit score.
  • Individuals with less-than-perfect credit are welcome to apply.

Continental Finance Company (“CFC”) is a significant marketer and servicer of credit cards for those with bad credit in the United States. CFC, which was founded in 2005, takes pride in its corporate commitment to clients, which includes three key features: a solid customer care program, fair treatment, and responsible lending.

CFC prides itself on great customer service and the availability of products with unique features, having managed over 2.6 million credit cards since its inception. They specialize in giving individuals who are underserving by traditional credit card issuers access to credit goods and services. Also, they are able to deliver a variety of services to consumers using a cutting-edge consumer underwriting, marketing, and servicing system while other financial firms are unable to. They can help you choose a product that is perfect for you, whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit.

CFC has a specialized customer service team that recognizes the importance of assisting consumers in carefully managing their credit. Their mission is to give each customer the finest level of customer service possible, including all of the essential educational materials to help them manage their personal credit.

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Activate Reflex Credit Card step-by-step here-

The quickest way to activate your Reflex Credit Card is online, where you can enter:

  • Ones credit card number’s last four digits
  • Your Social Security Number’s last four digits
  • Your five-digit postal code
  • If you prefer to activate your card over the phone, call the number listed on the sticker that came with your new card.

Remember to activate your Reflex Credit Card within 30 days of receiving it in the mail.

Fresh or new and reissued cards can be activated online or by phone. To activate your card online, navigate to the website listed on the back of your card and click the “Activate Now” tab.

To activate over the telephone, contact the toll-free activation number written on the sticker attached to your new card between 30 days after getting it in the mail from the phone number you gave on your application.

What is the procedure for applying for a Reflex Mastercard®?

It’s never been easier to apply for a Reflex Mastercard®. You can apply for a Reflex credit card online, over the phone at 1-866-513-4598, or by mailing back the approval certificate from the pre-selected offer. Some basic information will be necessary to apply for a credit card online, over the telephone, or by mail.

They will request you for your entire name as it appears on official records, social security number, date of birth, and physical address when applying for a Reflex credit card. A post office box will not suffice. When applying for a major credit card, this is a typical occurrence. This personal information will is essential for two purposes. First, we must gather, verify, and record information that identifies each person who creates a Reflex card account with us, as required by federal law.

As a result, your personal information is necessary and will be used to identify you. Secondly, they’ll pull your credit bureau data using your personal information, such as your Social Security number. To process your request via application, this information is combined with additional information such as your monthly salary.

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Reflex Mastercard Login: Take use of the Reflex Mastercardpurchasing ®’s power-

  • The initial credit limit is between $300 and $1,000. The maximum credit limit is $1,000. After only 6 months, there has been an increase.
  • With $0 Fraud Liability, you can relax.
  • Posting to the three credit bureaus on a monthly basis
  • On electronic statements, you can get a free monthly credit score.

You’ll be able to use their Online Banking Service to perform all of the following tasks with your Reflex card, as well as others:

  • Submit a payment using your Reflex credit card.
  • Enroll in online statements for your Reflex card and keep track of your recent transactions.
  • Check out the previous statements
  • Check out your payment history.
  • View your Reflex credit balance and other vital information.

To do the same, quickly register and obtain your Reflex login credentials. You can then view your Reflex credit information at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Wrapping up

CFC is happy to offer credit cards for consumers of all ages and stages of life. All of their cards are targeted to the demands of the customer, whether they are looking for rewards or just wish to improve their credit. With a credit card tailored for persons with less-than-perfect credit, you can help build your credit history. Continental Finance is happy to be accredited A+ by the Better Business Bureau. As one of America’s leading marketers and servicers of credit cards for clients with less-than-perfect credit.

We really hope you liked this post to Activate and Register for a Reflex credit card. Along with knowing about its application and login process. Stay tuned for more updates! Also, read our quick comparison guide between Capital One Savor vs Uber Visa Credit Card for the best rewards and cashback

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