Guide to Watch Oxygen on Roku, Apple & Fire TV instantly

How can you use to activate my Oxygen account on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV? In this post, you’ll learn more about the channel and how to Activate Oxygen. With top shows like Snapped and Disappeared, Oxygen is a leading destination for exciting, original true-crime programming. Plus, the channel offers exclusive everyday lifestyle programming that complements Oxygen’s popular crime programming – from celebrity fitness to buy this and how to fix that.

Are you wondering what happened to the Oxygen channel? It was taken off the air on September 11, 2001, although the Time Warner Cable-owned regional news channel NY1 was broadcast to all Oxygen subscribers nationwide until the studio returned a week later. Later on, the channel’s focus switched to reality shows, TV shows and their reruns, and movies. Currently, Oxygen is a channel targeted at women, providing original and acquired series, reality-based programming, and movies. The channel also features programming targeted at women’s lifestyles. Now, let us begin our guide to Activate Oxygen on your streaming devices.

How to Activate Oxygen to start Streaming unlimited Content?

Oxygen is a network in your hand…and on Earth. They’re the new generation of women’s entertainment and they’re here to stay. Watch Oxygen —TV for women who live full-throttle lives and choose oxygen for the original series about real women going through real-life situations. Whether you’re inspired by juicy true-crime stories, captivated by sexy drama, or looking to laugh till it hurts—they’ve got it all! So, let us Activate Oxygen now.

How can I Activate my Oxygen account on Roku?

Oxygen, the one-stop-shop for high-quality crime programming, is now accessible on all Roku devices! Armchair detectives can have unlimited access to Oxygen’s current season episodes, previous seasons, multimedia web series, and more to do with a participating pay-TV subscription. Here’s how to Activate Oxygen on Roku-

  1. To begin, open your Roku device and go to the Roku app store.
  2. Look for the Oxygen app and install it.
  3. Launch the Oxygen App on your Roku device.
  4. From the drop-down menu, choose Sign with activation code.
  5. Takedown the Oxygen activation code in your mind.
  6. Just go in any web browser.
  7. Select a television service provider.
  8. By logging in, you may manage your oxygen account.
  9. Please input the code as instructed.
  1. Download the oxygen app on your Android TV
  2. By accessing the Oxygen app, you can get the Activation Code on your TV screen.
  3. To use a PC or mobile browser, go to or oxygen com link.
  4. From the drop-down option, select your TV service provider.
  5. Log in to your Oxygen account, or create a new one if you don’t have one now.
  6. Once you’ve successfully logged in, enter the code.
  7. You can now access oxygen by using your Android TV.
  1. Switch on your Amazon Fire TV.
  2. Go to the Amazon App Store and download the app.
  3. Download the Oxygen app from the app store.
  4. Launch the Oxygen program to get an activation code.
  5. Please remember to write down the activation code that appears on your television.
  6. For further information, go to Using a browser to access the internet.
  7. Select a television service provider.
  8. To sign in to your Oxygen account, go to
  9. For Oxygen activation, enter the code.

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  1. On your Apple TV Smart, visit the Apple App Store.
  2. On your Apple device, download the Oxygen app.
  3. Open the Oxygen app on your Apple TV.
  4. From the drop-down menu, choose Sign with activation code.
  5. On the TV screen, the Oxygen activation code can be found.
  6. For additional details, go to Using the web browser on your device.
  7. From the drop-down option, select your TV service provider.
  8. Use your email address and password to access your Oxygen account.
  9. Please input the code as instructed.
  10. You can finally watch oxygen on Apple TV.

How do you Stream Oxygen without Cable?

The Oxygen app is the best way to catch up on the latest season of your favorite true crime shows, watch live TV, and watch movies and material from prior seasons! Download the Oxygen app now to watch full episodes of Snapped, Dateline: Secrets Uncovered, Buried in the Backyard, and much more! 

Is there anything on that I can watch without having to pay for cable? Yes, even if you don’t have a Pay TV subscription, you can access show snippets, highlights, and a limited number of full episodes on A few of the streaming platforms that allow users to access Oxygen without cable include

Sling TV-

Sling TV has a monthly fee of $35. Comedy Extra, which includes the AMC Network, is available for $6 as an add-on. Sling TV also offers a 3-day free trial to access the Oxygen channel.

Hulu + Live TV-

The Paramount Network, as well as 31 Top Cable Channels, are available on Hulu Live TV for $69.99 a month. Go to and join up to watch Oxygen right now.

Fubo TV-

FuboTV is $64.99 per month and includes Paramount Network Plus 26 Top Cable Channels. Get a 7-Day Risk-Free Trial for $64.99 each month.

DirecTV Stream-

DIRECTV STREAM is $69.99 per month. Included are the Paramount Network and 33 of the best cable channels. Sign up today at

Youtube TV-

The Paramount Network, as well as 31 Top Cable Channels, are available for $64.99 a month on YouTube TV. Now is the time to create a free account at

Final Note of the Guide to Activate Oxygen Channel-

Oxygen features a lineup of popular primetime true crime shows, including Snapped and Killer Couples, as well as exclusive daily coverage of the Casey Anthony trial. Series like Precious V. Parsons: The Murder of a 13-Year-Old Child, Confessions of a Teen Bride, and Oxygen’s very own Disappeared Oxygen keeps you hooked. We hope you liked this post on how to Activate the Oxygen channel on multiple streaming gadgets. 

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