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The technology OTC network is acknowledged as allowing customers the option to use their employer and health plan-sponsored incentive funds for purchasing items among the product categories which are designated by the program sponsor and further receive discounts on certain products. OTC network was launched in 2010. Now, before we move further, you need to activate your OTC Network card at

It was set into motion by InComm which is acclaimed to be one of the leading technology companies. This is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. If we address the establishment of InComm then it was in 1992 by Brooks Smith. It integrates with the predominant companies of Medicare, Medicaid, and other related commercial health plans that contribute to effortless consumer access to suitable items by wielding their re-loadable prepaid cards. 

Beneficially the foundational target is to have their cards approved by the entire retail whereabouts that are able to sell over-the-counter medication. 

‘’The OTC product that InComm features are incomparable in the entire industry. It’s the value that the members of InComm are certainly inevitable…. And InComm fabricates it effortlessly’’.

The cards of the OTC network are exhibited in beyond 270 health plans and are accustomed by national retailers and private sector pharmacies all over the United States. OTC network performs with diversified significant items at affordable prices, and in return, customers can pay the bills with their OTC cards conveniently. The items that can be purchased from an OTC card include medicines, interdental care products, lip balm, weight controls, batteries, dietary supplements, equipment, vitamins, healthcare products, and many more.

How does the OTC Network Card work? 

Users, who desire to pay their bills through an OTC network card need to follow the following steps in order to acknowledge the whole process of how an OTC network card works? If you have acquired your OTC network card then you can further move ahead to drive the benefit of the card. In order to utilize the benefits, you need to activate your card first. You can visit the official website and activate the OTC network card online without any hitch.  

Furthermore, in order to get hold of the saving perquisites, your card can be acquainted with over-the-counter items which you are obtaining. The card doesn’t feature the option of displaying carry-forward balance, hence you are advised to ensure adherence with your balance. In simple terms, you need to track down your records of the money spent and what you have gained from the convenience. Now, Let’s take a load to how OTC network card works-

  •  First of all, the user needs to take the OCT network card with them to whichever store they visit. 
  • The next step is that the user would prefer to take a look at the otcnetwork product list and determine the items they are inclined to purchase.
  • After the user has finished hand-picking the items preferred then, hand over the card to the shopkeeper and the further billing process would be done. 

Before you think about purchasing an item from your OTC card you need to get your card activated online through the official website. Let’s explore the steps to activate an OTC network card via

Step 1- Visit the official link OTC Network Card from the browser of your controlling device. 

Step 2- On the main screen, you will be displayed with the field wherein you need to enter the 19 digits of your OTC card. 

Step 3- After entering your card’s digit, press the ‘’OK’’ button below the field.

Step 4- Now, you need to enter your member ID of 9 digits. Make sure you don’t enter the alphabet letters at the commencement. 

**Note– The other way of activating your OTC card is by calling at their toll-free Phone Number 1-888-682-2400 in case you are not willing to do it by visiting the website. 

Let’s see what products come under the list of the eligible items for the OTC card – 

Menopause support 
Vitamins, multivitamins, minerals 
Weight control
Wound care specialized 
Safety and aids for daily living 
Home health care-bathroom 
Antibiotic creams 
Cough drop, sore throat
Abdominal supports 
Acid controllers 
Anti parasite treatments 
Cleansing and detox
First aid and dressing 
Ear care- hearing aid batteries 
Elastic bandages
External pain relief
First aid kits and supplements
Respiratory treatments 
Foot treatments 
Over-the-counter medications
Laundry detergents 
Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Shaving cream and razors 
Bathroom cleaners
Food storage bags
Breast pumps and nursing accessories 
garbage bags 
Contact lens care 
Denture products
Diabetes supplements 
Diuretics and weight loss
First aid treatments 
Mineral supplements 
Orthopedic and surgical support 
Stomach remedies 
Oral remedies 

What is the benefit of using an OTC network card?

  •  You can save your money by utilizing the allowance offered on the card itself. 
  • Acquire the option of purchasing 2,00,000 + items using the OTC card. 

**Note– At the end of the benefit period the amount left in your OTC card will be expired automatically. Make sure you utilize the amount to the fullest. 

Which stores accept the OTC network card?

  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Duane Reade
  • Rite aid
  • Dollar general 
  • Family dollar
  • Walmart 

OTC network mobile application 

OTC network features a functional application for both the devices- Android and IOS. The services of the application are accessible 24/7 while administrating additional assistance. After you download the OTC network mobile application you would be able to monitor your balance of the card. 

Alongside, you can also reach out to the retailers who are accepting this card among others. The items can also be discovered effortlessly while scanning the barcodes. 

Here is the OTC network mobile app- user guide

The OTC network mobile app is available to you where you can keep track of your balances. You can quickly discover the eligible items and the discount offered on those items. Let’s get into the guide on how to use the application efficiently- 

  • Download the application

Go to the google play store or iTunes all store according to your controlling device. Install the latest version of the OTC network mobile application. 

Google play storePlay Store Link

OTC network card

App StoreApp Store Address

OTC network card


  • Steps to use the application

Step 1- After the installation of the app, open it and have a glimpse of the tutorial screens.

OTC network card

Step 2– Add the OTC card.

OTC network card

Step 3- See the card balance.

OTC network card

Step 4- Select your preferred retailer.

Choose the retailer you want to purchase from the given list.

Step 5– Scan and enter UPCs.

Begin scanning the products once you select the retailer. You may need to allow its access to the camera. Allow it and continue with the process. Another way is to manually enter the UPC. You can choose either of the methods.

OTC network card

Step 6- Check the Eligibility. 

After scanning and entering the UPC indication will appear if the item is eligible to buy or not. Kindly consider it. This may happen that an item is stocked at one retailer but not available at another retailer.

OTC network card

Let’s analyze what benefits does OTC plus card is packed with.

The OTC plus card assist you to purchase non-prescriptive health items such as allergy medicine, sleep aids, cough drops, etc. Alongside you can also use this card while purchasing considerable food items that include, dairy products, meats, etc. Under this category, the number of items that have been wrapped is 90,000.

You can also avail of this opportunity for yourself as well by becoming a member. A mail is sent to the member along with the pre-loaded money in it, once you become a member. The cycle of adding money to the card is automatic and the date when it gets renewed is January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. 

Significance of OTC Medicare drug coverage- 

OTC network card

Do you know an average American makes how many trips per year to buy over-the-counter products? According to Consumer Healthcare Products Association, the number of trips for purchasing OTC products is 26 per year which may increase with age. This concludes the spending getting increased on these products each year. On account of Medicare advantage, OTC pre-paid card users can save a lot and acknowledge the value of every penny spent and knowing the products, medications, and other products.

What does Over-the-counter medication mean?

These medications do not require the prescription given by the doctors. These medications serve the problem like backaches, treat illnesses like athlete’s foot and allergies, migraines, etc. The standard over-the-counter medication is for fever reducers, anti-inflammatories, coles medicines, and allergy pills. 

What are the advantages of OTC card coverage?

Some of the medicare advantage plans offer perquisites in different ways to purchase over-the-counter products and that is a pre-paid card. The cards further can be used to purchase OTC products and medications.

The average allowance per month is $50-$100 however if you exceed his limit then your card will be unveiled until the insurance provider reloads it. So, make sure you never exceed the limit otherwise it will be a hectic process to get the card reloaded. The card is generally reloaded on the monthly basis and if the amount is left in your card at the end of the month then it will be lost. 

What medication is covered under the OTC products?

You can check the eligible OTC products catalog in order to know the products that can be brought by the OTC card. However, these products can vary from retailer to retailer but in most cases, they are the common ones. Let’s have a look at some of the common medications- 

Acne aids 
Cough, cold, and flu medications
Antibiotic creams
Denture products 
Digestive aids
Ear care
Pain relievers 
First-aid kits
Sleep aids
Orthopedic support

Nevertheless, there are some products that fall under the same category but are not available to be purchased by OTC card-

Teeth whitening products
Dietary supplements 

Online Stores- Medicare OTC card

With the increasing demand and supply of OTC products, the online store opportunity has come to the center. There is an expanded list of OTC products and in this case, having products delivered at our doorsteps would be something we would eagerly wish for. Here are few stores that can allow you to shop online-

Blink Health
Overstock drugstore
Planet drugs direct
Health warehouse
My OTC store

How to get Medicare Advantage OTC coverage and prescription drug coverage?

In case you want the OTC Medicare coverage then for the purpose licensed agents have been contracted within the major cities. There exist various plans that can be fit with your budget structure and your requirements while having the advantages of over-the-counter drug coverage.

If you have already enrolled in the advantage plan of medicare then you can proceed with the benefits by calling 833-438-3676.

Now you can activate your OTC network card in order to avail yourself of the option to purchase OTC products from the preferred stores. This serves convenience to the customers. We have listed some common OTC products and retail stores that will help you with your shopping. 

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