How to Activate your New Cricket Wireless Phone

Curious about how to activate your New Cricket Wireless Phone? Well, worry not because we’ve got you. In today’s article, we’ll tell you all about Cricket Wireless, its plans, its service, and how to activate your new cricket wireless phone in just a few simple steps. The activation process is quite easy. And if you follow all the steps below, you’ll be able to activate your phone in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

About Cricket Wireless:

Cricket Wireless is an AT&T-owned American wireless service company. It has ten million users in the United States and delivers cellular services to them. Leap Wireless International founded Cricket Wireless in March 1999. In March 2014, AT&T purchased Leap Wireless International and subsequently combined its Cricket Wireless and Aio Wireless businesses. Cricket Wireless competes in the wireless service provider market largely against T-Metro, Mobile Dish’s Boost Mobile, and Verizon’s Visible. The ‘Cricket Liberty’ was the former moniker for Cricket Wireless.

Cricket Wireless has no yearly commitment and provides voice, text, and data options. With over 12.4 million users, Cricket Wireless is one of the biggest prepaid providers. It provides prepaid plans with unlimited talk and text as well as high-speed internet services. Cricket Wireless also offers international calling and messaging options that cover more than 200 countries.

The newest smartphones from Samsung, LG, and Motorola are available on Cricket Wireless. Cricket Wireless has a wide range of accessories available, including phone covers, screen protectors, and chargers. Cricket Wireless is also involved in government-sponsored lifeline initiatives.

Is Cricket Wireless a Good Company?

If you’re a current Cricket Wireless client, you already know that the company’s millions of users provide exceptional network coverage. But thanks to AT&T’s biggest and best network! Cricket Wireless is now using AT&T’s network and towers.

Yes, indeed! Cricket Wi-Fi is almost certainly excellent. We are not saying that; millions of people from around the United States have given their opinions on the Cricket Wireless phone and network.

  • Unlimited plans by Cricket Wireless:

Cricket does offer unlimited Wi-Fi plans, but they aren’t quite limitless. Yes, you have unlimited data. This means you can check Facebook or Twitter while waiting for the bus without worrying about running out. But don’t anticipate lightning-fast speeds. Thankfully, there are no strings attached to limitless calling or texting.

  • Cricket Wireless’s limitless subscriptions:

Cricket’s strength isn’t in variety. The sole difference among Cricket Wireless plans is whether you want to set up autopay or not. Here’s some expert advice: set up autopay to save a few dollars per month. If you do that, you’ll have a very low wireless bill. The greatest disadvantage of Cricket Wireless plans is that download speeds are limited. It is just 3 Mbps and the streaming speeds are just 1.5 Mbps. In other words, you’ll have a slower connection than if you used another cell provider.

A comparison of Cricket unlimited plans:

Don’t you just love it when you sort search results by price and discover a fantastic deal? Cricket Wireless can help you with that. Before you get too excited, bear in mind that Cricket’s wireless internet rates aren’t exactly lightning fast. This isn’t quite a “Tortoise and the Hare” scenario. Cricket is the tortoise, and everyone else is the hare, and the tortoise loses badly in this scenario. However, if you can deal with the slower internet speeds and mediocre streaming quality, you can acquire an extremely low-cost wireless package with a good network.

Of course, we’re talking about a few more seconds while you’re searching for anything on the internet. You can acquire a cheap unlimited package if you’re patient with your internet and streaming speeds.

  • Cricket Wireless family plans:

There are three distinct Cricket family plans. But because the Group Save non-unlimited option is the same price as the Unlimited Plan, you’ll definitely want to skip it. (Seriously, why would you pay the same price for a less amount of data? Some things will never make sense to us.)

So, why would you choose a Cricket plan that is more expensive? The biggest distinction is in terms of speed. Instead of having a restriction of 3 Mbps download speeds, the Unlimited Extra plan gives you 4G LTE speeds.

Before you choose a package, you should consider how important fast internet speeds are to you. Sure, choosing the slower pace can save you money. But you can be sacrificing part of your sanity in the process. Seconds by second, wait for your Instagram stories to load while you wait.

A comparison of Cricket Wireless family plans:

Let’s compare Cricket’s family plans to those offered by the other big carriers. The family plans from Cricket aren’t as cheap as the individual unlimited plans. The family plans aren’t considerably cheaper than the competition, which is disappointing. When it comes to family plans, Metro by T-Mobile and Cricket Wireless are practically the Spider-Man pointing meme. Both have comparable pricing and none has super-fast speeds. When compared to Metro, the benefit of Cricket is that you can save some money upfront.

With Cricket, it’s the same old scenario when it comes to pace. Although the Cricket family plans are reasonably priced, the internet speeds aren’t very impressive.

Cricket Wireless mobile phones and devices:

Cricket is compatible with the majority of the top-of-the-line smartphones on the market. If you prefer less-traveled Cricket phones, you can also acquire Nokia, Motorola, and Alcatel phones. However, if you want to purchase a Google Pixel, you won’t be able to do it via Cricket. You can, however, purchase an unlocked Google Pixel and use it to set up your network.

What is the quality of Cricket’s performance?

It’s really excellent, thanks to AT&T’s coverage. Cricket may not be known for its data speeds, but its overall service coverage is surprisingly decent. Cricket utilizes AT&T’s network, therefore it provides the same level of coverage as a more costly carrier. AT&T now has 4G coverage in around 68 percent of the nation.

The only caveat is that in congested regions, your internet speeds may be prioritized over AT&T subscribers. In other words, if you’re in a busy Costco, your internet connection can fail out of nowhere. As AT&T’s network prioritizes its own customers.

Now that we’ve covered all about Cricket Wireless and its services, it’s time to get back to our original question. How to activate your new Cricket Wireless Phone? The instructions for this are given below.

How to activate your New Cricket Wireless Phone?

Follow the steps below to effortlessly activate your new Cricket Wireless Phone:

Cricket Wireless Phone
  • Select your phone type (Android or iPhone) after the website has loaded.
  • Choose the same store from where you purchased the phone – Cricket or another shop.
  • Choose whether you’re a first-time or returning client.
  • Type in the order number Cricket provides to your phone or email if you’re a new client. After that, you may log in using your login details.
  • If you’re a new client, click Activate to finish the procedure.


Cricket is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s inexpensive, it works, and it doesn’t provide lightning-fast internet. It’s a great phone for those who just want to call and text. Along with a few apps thrown in for good measure. And with that, it’s a wrap on our article about how to activate your new Cricket Wireless Phone. We hope you found the content of our article useful. And please don’t forget to leave your valuable comments in the section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are there any hidden costs or overage charges in Cricket Wireless?

Would it be a cellular carrier if there weren’t a few tucked-away charges? Regrettably, there are some extra Cricket costs to consider. The costs aren’t outrageous, but they are inconvenient. Who wants to spend $25 on a one-time activation fee? That’s right, no one.

I already have a mobile phone. Is it still possible for me to join up for Cricket?

You can switch to Cricket if you have an unlocked GSM phone. Users can seek assistance at a Cricket shop or by contacting the company’s customer service department.

Is Cricket capable of making international calls?

Cricket offers two international subscription plans: Cricket International ($5) and Cricket International Extra ($15). The primary difference is that with the International Extra plan, you can record video messages. International texting is included with both plans. You may still call Mexico and Canada without an international plan, but you won’t be able to call outside of North America.

Is it possible for me to maintain my current phone number if I port to Cricket?

Yes, you’ll just need to submit the following additional information:
1. Mobile phone number currently in use.
2. Login and password for your account.
3. Your Social Security number’s last four digits.
4. ZIP code for billing purposes.
Your previous phone number will be transferred to a new SIM card. This will greatly simplify your life.

Can I move my contacts from my old phone to my new one?

Yes. First and foremost, you’ll need to store your contacts on your current smartphone. You can do this by using a cloud storage service such as Google Contacts or iCloud. After that, you can move your contacts to your new phone using the same service.
Check out the user manual from your previous phone if you’re going from a flip phone to a smartphone. Instructions for moving contacts to a new phone should be included.

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