How to Activate MyWalgreens Credit Card? Application process & Reviews

The MyWalgreens credit card company charges a transaction fee to a vendor, such as your local pharmacy, when a purchase is made using a credit card. Transaction fees typically range from 2% to 4% of the total transaction amount. Vendors essentially include this cost into the item’s markup, transferring the cost to the buyer in one way or another. Therefore, before you get unhappy that Walgreens and Synchrony Bank are profiting from our basic healthcare needs, consider that the minimum 3% Walgreens cash reward this card earns on eligible health and wellness related purchases actually offsets the vendor’s transaction fee “markup” and returns the extra margin to cardholders.

On eligible Walgreens branded purchases, you can earn 10% Walgreens Cash points, 5% on other eligible Walgreens brands and pharmacy purchases, 3% on eligible groceries and health & wellness purchases, and 1% everywhere Mastercard is accepted with the myWalgreens card. The card has limited perks, although it does claim $0 fraud liability, free credit score access, and the option to cashpoints quickly at Walgreens checkout.

Walgreens, in particular, sees the value in using a credit card to pay for health and wellness-related spending and groceries and recommends matching it with a credit card that offers at least 2% cashback on all other purchases to maximize cash back earning. However, keep in mind that those awards can only be used at Walgreens.

How to Apply for myWalgreens credit card?

  1. You must be a myWalgreens member to apply for the myWalgreens Credit Card. It’s completely free and simple to join! 
  2. The myWalgreens credit card is only available to one customer per myWalgreens membership. 
  3. Apply now for the myWalgreens Credit Card online or in person at any Walgreens or Duane Reade location. 
  4. To apply, applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  5. The person must also have a physical address in the United States or one of its territories.

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MyWalgreens Mastercard popular Review of 2022-

The myWalgreens Mastercard is a retail rewards credit card that helps Walgreens customers save money when they shop at the healthcare and drug store brand. The Synchrony Bankcard offers up to 10% cashback on eligible purchases made with Walgreens brands and others – that is for no annual fee.

We have given a few highlights for the myWalgreens Mastercard:

  • On eligible Walgreens branded purchases, you can earn 10% Walgreens Cash.
  • 5% Walgreens Cashback on all other eligible Walgreens brands and pharmacy purchases.
  • On eligible grocery and health & wellness purchases, you can earn 3% in Walgreens Cash.
  • Walgreens Cash rewards are 1% wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Here, we are highlighting some Pros and Cons-


  • Amazing opportunity to earn rewards on healthcare-related purchases.
  • There is no annual fee for the card, which is a big plus point.
  • Instantly redeem your rewards at the Walgreens checkout.


  • There are no significant additional benefits.
  • No introductory APR and rewards are only available at Walgreens.

Ways to earn Cashback from MyWalgreens credit card-

  • Walgreens Mastercard is also indulged in the pharmacy chain’s myWalgreens rewards program. Existing customers are rewarded every time they use the card anywhere Mastercard is accepted. 
  • Also, additional rewards are provided for purchases in specific categories and with Walgreens brands (including Walgreens,, and Duane Reade locations).

Benefits of Health, Wellness, and Grocery-

Outside of Walgreens, users earn 3% cashback on grocery and health and wellness purchases, putting the card in the race with other multipurpose cash back cards. Every other purchase made with the myWalgreens Mastercard earns you 1% cashback everywhere Mastercard is accepted throughout the world.

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How does Cashback on Walgreens Purchases work?

On Walgreens’ own-brand purchases, cardholders earn 10% cashback, and on all other Walgreens brands and pharmacy purchases, they earn 5% cashback. However,  there are some exceptions to these additional cashback reward categories, such as:

  • Multiple item transactions that involve prescriptions or pharmacy items or services at any Walgreens or Duane Reade store in Arkansas, New Jersey, or New York operated by Walgreens.
  • You can purchase prescriptions or pharmacy items online and collect them at these locations. Also, prescriptions and pharmacy products delivered to an Arkansas, New Jersey, or New York address

All the important Rewards to consider in MyWalgreens:

We have covered and mentioned every important detail regarding the rewards of MyWalgreens. We have done our research so that you are well aware of them after your activation process.

What are the Ways to Earn Rewards using MyWalgreens credit card?

  • On eligible Walgreens branded purchases, the myWalgreens card will earn 10% Walgreens Cash points, 5% on other eligible Walgreens brands and pharmacy purchases, 3% on eligible groceries and health & wellness purchases, and 1% wherever Mastercard is accepted. 
  • The amount of rewards a cardholder can earn is unlimited. Walgreen’s monetary awards expire after 12 months and this duration starts from the day you receive it.
  • In addition, when qualified cardholders open an account and make their first purchase within 45 days, they will receive a $25 Walgreens Cash reward.

Understanding the Reward Potential in a better way-

To estimate the myWalgreens Credit Card rewards potential, we must analyze how much an average American household spends on a credit card annually. Forbes Advisor calculates baseline income and spending averages across numerous categories using data from various government organizations. We base our spending on the income of the 70th percentile of wage-earning households, which is $100,172 per year.

According to Forbes Advisor, the household has $26,410 in expenditures that can be charged to a credit card. Taking into account that 80% of a family’s $978 in pharmacy transactions are done at Walgreens on Walgreens-branded items, then the family will receive $78.24 in Walgreens monetary benefits. 

If you spend $400 at Walgreens pharmacies, you will receive $20 in Walgreens reward money. Then, you receive $239.48 in Walgreens cash rewards. If the $2,100 in charges are made at healthcare providers and $5,687 at grocery retailers, plus the remaining 20% of pharmacy purchases. Other outstanding credit card spending will earn $172.45 in Walgreens cash rewards. You can get cash rewards for a total of $510.17 in Walgreens cash benefits over the course of the year.

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How to Redeem the Rewards of MyWalgreens Credit card?

Please keep in mind that monetary benefits earned with the myWalgreens card can be redeemed at particular places. The places to redeem include in-store, online at, or through the Walgreens application. You can easily make redemptions in denominations as well. The denominations of $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10, $20, or $50, with a daily limit of $100.

Wrapping up

For years, MyWalgreens customers have shopped for-

  • everyday items
  • renewing prescriptions
  • refilling prescriptions, and
  • making photo center purchases without paying a transaction fee

—thanks to the MyWalgreens credit card. Sign-up is easy and there’s no application fee. As a cardholder, you also get points with every purchase. You can redeem them for CVS store or online purchases, or even for cashback. So, that was all in here today and we hope you liked this post!

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