Get a detailed guide to Activate Morgotts Great Rune using the Rune Arc

Playing video games is now one of the sought pass times for kids as well as adults. There is a wide number of popular video games like Grand Theft Auto or GTA, Assassins Creed, etc. Usually, these games involve exploring new places, collecting rewards, and fighting the enemy. Well, the contents of the game vary with the type of game. However, collecting rewards is a common step in all these games. These rewards can be in different forms. One such game is Elden Ring. It is a role-playing video game. It is developed by FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment is its publisher. The direction of this game is controlled by Hidetaka Miyazaki and it is made together with George R R. Martin, a fantasy novelist. He also provided substance for the gameplay settings. In this article, you will learn how to activate Morgotts Great Rune.

What are Great Runes?

If you are an active Elden Ring player, you would already know what are Great Runes. However, for the new players, this is a new thing. As a matter of fact, the Great Runes are unique key items. These are dropped by Demigods (Bosses). These are equipped to obtain different types of passive bonuses. As a matter of fact, there are a total of seven Demigods. So, there are a total of 7 Great Runes, each dropped by one Demigod. It is imperative to obtain these Great Runes as they form the great aspect of the game like creation and destruction.

Whenever a Great Rune is dropped, the player is supposed to acquire and equip them. You can find these present inside the Legacy Dungeons. Here is the list of Great Runes along with their locations.

  • Godrick the Grafted- It is located in Stormveil Castel present in Limgrave.
  • Rennala Queen of the Full Moon- It is present in Raya Lucaria Academy inside Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • Starscourage Radahn- It is located in Redmane Castle present in Caelid.
  • Morgott, the Omen King- This Great Rune is present in Leyndell, inside Altus Plateau.
  • Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy- It is located in Volcano Manor present on Mt Gelmir.
  • Malenia, Blade of Miquella- This Great Rune is present in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree.
  • Mohg, Lord of Blood- It is located in Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum.

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Procedure to activate Morgotts Great Rune

In order to activate Morgotts Great Rune, you will have to do more than one thing. First of all, you will have to locate and find the Great Rune. You will find all the Great Runes inside the Legacy Dungeon. Later you will have to equip the Great Rune from the Site of Grace. Then you will have to finally use the Rune Arc to activate Morgotts Great Rune and other Great Runes too.

To equip a Great Rune like Morgotts Great Rune, first, you have to go to the respective Divine Tower and restore the power of the Great Rune. When you do this, the item will be greyed out in your inventory. Then you will have to use the Rune Arc to activate Morgotts Great Rune and others.

A Rune Arc is needed to activate and get the benefits of Great Runes. As a matter of fact, you can not activate a Great Rune without using a Rune Arc. These Rune Arcs are consumed on usage and the player loses them on death. Hence, to get more Rune Arcs, you have to go to Giant Rats and competitive multiplayer.

Great Rune Map

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Morgotts Great Rune

You can obtain the Morgotts Great Rune by defeating the Omen King, Morgott. In order to find Morgott, you will have to go to the Altus Plateau. The Altus Plateau is located in Leyndell inside the Royal Capital. You will have to fight with the Morgott at the Elden Throne. This throne is located in the Southeastern part of the city. This is right next to the Erdtree. As soon as you obtain the Morgotts Great Rune, after defeating it, you need to straightaway go to the Divine Tower of East Altus. For this, you will have to take the elevator to the Forbidden Lands.

Steps to activate Morgotts Great Rune

Once you have defeated the Morgott, the Omen king at the Elden Throne. You can now go and activate Morgotts Great Rune. However, make sure to restore its power and also get a Rune Arc before you go for the activation process.

  1. Start the process by going back to the ground level via Site of Grace. It is present in the eastern part of the city.
  2. Now, you have to continue to walk towards the northeast until you find them a part of the city full of dirt everywhere.
  3. From here, you have to go toward the east until you find a spiral stone staircase.
  4. Now, you will be able to see the elevator. The elevator is present at the top of it.
  5. From here head straight to the elevator ad again head straight to find another building containing the elevator.
  6. Now, you have to make use of the elevator and reach the Site of Grace. You will see a boss fight coming towards. Quickly make use of the elevator and go down. Now you have to go to a bridge and start traveling across it.
  7. As soon as you reach the midway bridge, things will turn dark/ black. Now you will have to fight a duel with twin bosses known as Fell Twins. One of them uses a flaming ax and the other uses a flaming sword. You have to defeat them and then continue toward the Divine Tower.
  8. You will see the Site of Grace outside the front door. Now go inside, take the elevator and go up. You have to finally reach the top of the tower.
  9. Now you have to communicate with the symbol present on the roof. This will activate Morgotts Great Rune.
  10. Once you have activated Morgotts Great Rune, your health stat will boost by 25%.

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Wrapping up

In this article, you got to know how to activate Morgotts Great Rune. Always remember to restore the power of the Great Rune and obtain a Rune Arc. Without these two, you will not be able to activate Morgotts Great Rune. If you enjoyed reading till the end, consider following and stay updated!

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