Process To Activate Kanopy With Related Questions

Kanopy is all about believing that movies have a great impact on an individual’s life. It is a film and documentary on-demand video streaming platform for libraries and institutions. Kanopy Kids, a Kanopy subsidiary, offers children’s programming; Kanopy Kids is available to all Kanopy members. Overdrive announced on June 9, 2021, that it has struck an agreement to buy Kanopy. It’s a little different from other streaming platforms as Kanopy provides a specialized and customizable website for each participating public library and university where users may watch films. Users may share videos with the use of tools like subtitles, transcripts, clip creation, and playlist building. Let’s start with the process to activate Kanopy on your media devices.

By the end of this article, you will be able to activate Kanopy on your media device, whether it’s Roku, Apple TV, or Android TV. We will start with the process to activate Kanopy on the Roku device. 

Kanopy Is Accessible On Which Devices?

Kanopy is accessible on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, desktop and laptop computers networks-based web browsers, and streaming devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast, and even Telstra TV, but that’s about it. Kanopy falls short when it comes to compatibility of the device, especially when compared to local services like SBS On Demand and ABC iview.

The devices that are not compatible with Kanopy are PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Fetch TV, or Samsung, Xbox Series S/X, and Foxtel IQ is the only smart TV it supports directly. SBS On Demand and ABC iview are accessible on nearly twice as many devices as SBS On Demand. Even though you only need one compatible device to stream, a lot of consumers still rely on their game consoles or smart TVs to do so.

The Process To Activate Kanopy On Roku Device 

  • To get the Kanopy app on your Roku device, go to Streaming Channels > Search Channels > and search for “Kanopy” from the Roku home screen.
  • Add Kanopy as a channel on the Roku device. Find the Kanopy app on the main screen.
  • When you initially launch the Kanopy app, you’ll be provided 2 choices:
  1. If you are opening this for the first time then tap on the option ‘’Get started’’ in order to proceed with creating an account. 
  2. If you are visiting here for the second time then hit the option ‘’Log in’’.
  • In order to access the content, you would need to register with a new account in Kanopy. Now you need to follow the steps mentioned on the page of ‘’Get Started’’.
  • On your computer or mobile device, go to
  • On your television, enter the code.
  • Begin creating the new account.
  • Your TV screen will immediately update and log you into the app once you’ve made an account.
Activate Kanopy On Roku

Q. What devices will I be able to access Kanopy on? 

A. Kanopy will appear and play on any Roku device that is presently getting software upgrades and is supported by Roku. If you’re unclear if your device is receiving updates, navigate to Settings -> System -> About on your Roku. Kanopy will work for your device if the version of the software shows 7.7.0 or above this. 

Q. What is the location of the settings on Roku?

A. Go to the right corner and there you will find the option ‘’Settings’’. To go to the Settings screen, use your Roku control. From Settings, you may modify which library you’re a member of, verify your account details, and log out of the app.

Q. Is it possible to add numerous Kanopy accounts on my Roku at the same time?

A. At any given moment, only one Kanopy account may be linked to your Roku. Follow the prompts to log out of your Roku account if you want to access another account.

Access Kanopy On Apple TV

  • Apple TV 4K and Apple TV are both compatible with the Kanopy app. To get the application, go to your Apple TV’s App Store, search for Kanopy, and install it.
  • When you start with the Kanopy app, you will find the two options- 
  1. If you are proceeding with this for the first time then tap on the option ‘’Get started’’. 
  2. If you are returning here for the second time then tap on the option ‘’Log in’’. 
  • If you wanna proceed further with watching movies then you have to create a new account on Kanopy. 
  • Start following the steps you will find on the page ‘’Get started’’. 
  • On your smartphone or computer, go to
  • On your television, enter the code.
  • Once you have created your account. Your TV screen will immediately update and log you into the app once you’ve made an account.

Q. To access Kanopy, what Apple TV devices can I use?

A. It is only available for smartphones having access to an app store (4th generation Apple TV or above). At the very least, your device must be having tvOS 10.2.

Q. Is it possible to install many Kanopy accounts on my Apple TV at once?

A. At any one moment, your Apple TV can only be linked to one Kanopy account. Follow the prompts to log out of your Apple TV account if you want to access another account.

Watch Kanopy On Airplay

Kanopy may be seen via Airplay if you have an older Apple TV. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Select any movie from the app in order to play it on the device. 
  • At the upper right of the screen, tap the Airplay icon.
  • Choose the TV that you will be connecting. 
  • Hit the option Done on your device once the content starts running on the device.

Activate Kanopy On Android TV

  • To get started, follow these steps: Sign in to the account that is linked to your Android TV at, and click Install. Choose the device that you would be downloading the application on. 
  • To use the app, you’ll need a Kanopy account that’s linked to a participating library.
  • Navigate the option ‘’settings’’ in the menu. 
  • Tap on the option “Link My Account” that is present in the drop-down menu. 
  • Enter the code that appears on your TV screen at OR in the “Link Your Device” area of the Kanopy iOS/Android/Fire Tablet app.
  • Your TV screen will refresh to confirm that your account has been successfully linked if the linking is successful.
  • Choose “Start Watching” from the drop-down menu.

Q. How Can I Get Kanopy On My Android TV Device?

A. Kanopy may be installed on any Android TV device running Android 4.5 or above.

Q. What features are accessible on the Dashboard, and how can I get access to them?

A. The Android TV app will allow you to access your Watchlist and Memberships. 

  • Visit the settings options under the menu in order to access it further.

Q. How can I go to my Watchlist?

A. From the menu bar that displays at the top of your screen, select “Watchlist.” From any device, the movies you’ve added to your Watchlist will display there.

Q. What is the procedure for gaining access to my other membership(s)?

A. Tap on the option ‘’My Library’’ which is in the settings, under the menu. On Android TV, choose the name of the membership you want to utilize. To save your selection, the page will reload. Tap on the option ‘’Home’’ and the membership will begin. 

Some of the best movies of Kanopy 

Independent Cinema 

Summer of 84
The Watermelon Woman
They Remain
Thunder Road

World Cinema 

The Psychic 
The Charmer 

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Classic Cinema 

Killer of Sheep
House of Haunted Hill
Oman on the run
Night of the living dead 
The little shop of Horror


Guys and dolls 
Flower drum song 
Bite marks 
Tortilla soup 

Short Films 

How to be alone
The neighbors window
Third kind 
Time traveler 

Kanopy Kids!


Gulliver’s Travelers 
Frog Dreaming


Creepy Carrots 
Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus
Goodnight Gorilla 
You are (not) small
I want my hat back

TV Series 

Bino & Fino
Earth to Luna
Boobie the bear
Aussie bush tales
The Tumblies

Here you go! Hurry up and activate Kanopy on your devices and enjoy these amazing titles whenever you want. 

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