How to prevent activation hindrance while upgrading to the new version Filmora?

Free your creativity with a variety of Filmora versions

Who can forget about the invisible cloak from the movie Harry potter? But, have you ever wondered how this magical cinematic effect was created. It was created with the help of Wondershare Filmora. With the help of Filmora, you can create these magical effects too along with other designed visual effects, and make your video or film look more like a Hollywood movie. With Filmora’s new version you can set free your creativity by unlocking Hollywood effects with minimal efforts. To set free your creativity, you need to follow the guide to activate Filmora latest version.

 The new version can enhance your videos to a great extent as it has unlocked 800+ stunning effects along with their export or import in your desired format. You can even track motion with the feature of Motion Tracking exclusively available on its Filmora X version.  So are you ready to create, edit, and set free your creativity online in just a few minutes without spending hundreds of dollars in getting that perfect effect? Let’s dive into this really easy guide to activate Filmora latest version.

Activation mechanism of Filmora on an older version

The activation process has been changed since 8.6 versions so to prevent yourself from activation hindrance you can follow these simple steps.

Activating process for version between 8.6.1-8.7.6 

Step 1: Select full feature mode on the Filmora app.

Step 2: The login window will open, once you click the Avatar icon that is placed in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Now you have to enter your licensed email address along with a password to log in, if you don’t have an account then you may create it by clicking on create an account.

Step 4: After logging in you will find a pop-up showing your username with a lifetime plan.

Activating license process for version under 8.6

Step 1: Select full feature mode on the Filmora app.

Step 2: Click on the Register button, a login window will open. Input your email and password.

Step 3: After processing the payment you will receive an email and registration code on your registered mail id. Copy and Paste the code.

Step 4: Click on register to activate your account, you can confirm your activation simply by seeing if your email address and code has changed their color to grey.

Activating process for Filmora9

The process to activate Filmora latest version is a lot easier than Filmora9 activation. There are 2 processes to activate Filmora9 after you have purchased it.

  1. Through WSID– Open Filmora 🡪 Click on create new project 🡪Click on the Avatar present in the top right corner 🡪Input your login details in the login pop-up box. 

After login, it will show you as a paid user.

2. Through offline activation– in case you don’t have an active internet connection you can even proceed with offline activation of Filmora. For that you will have to open Filmora9 app 🡪 select create new project 🡪 Go to help 🡪Click Offline Activation 🡪 then it will show you a popup to activate your software. You can activate it by inserting your registered mail id along with the code that you have received after completing the payment. 

What is the difference between Filmora 8, Filmora9, and FilmoraPro?

Filmora8 is the previous version and Filmora9 is the latest version with a new interface and features. FilmaoraPro is a product that is brand new and requires a unique and separate license purchase.

Filmora9 and FilmoraPro have different features. Filmora9 gives access to easy editing with pre-set effects and customization options while FilmoraPro includes professional tools that widen the video experience more.

Filmora X vs. FilmoraPro 

Filmora X is a video editing software that is easy to use. It has a unique user interface with several editing tools and video effects. It can easily run on Win 7 or later (64 bit OS) and macOS X 10.11 or later. It can be used by video editors who are starting their career in video editing, YouTube creators, or anyone willing to learn the video editing process with simple tools in quick time.   

Key features of Filmora X

  • Easy to Use
  • Music and Sound Effects
  • Filters and Colouring Tools
  • Keyframing
  • Built-In Video Effects

You can purchase Filmora X with an annual plan of $39.99 for windows and $44.99 for macOS. You can even purchase it for a lifetime with $69.99 for windows and $64.99 for macOS.

FilmoraPro is a powerful video editing software consisting of advanced features, layouts, and designs for better control. It can easily run on Win 8 or later (64 bit OS) and macOS X 10.13 or later. It can be used by video editors, who are at their Intermediate to professional video editing carrier, Editor seeking more creativity, clarity, refining in their clips for making it perfect, and anyone who is more curious to learn about advanced professional level of editing by adding customized effects to their work.

Key Features of FilmoraPro provides

  • Advanced Editing Modes
  • Keyframing
  • Detailed Colour Correction
  • Customizable Effects
  • Audio Compressor

You can purchase Filmora X with an annual plan of $89.99 for windows and $89.99 for macOS. You can even purchase it for a lifetime for $149.99 for windows and $149.99 for macOS.

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