Activate Dove channel on Roku and Relish Family-Friendly Shows

Dove channel proposes a boundless package deal that encompasses all the genres such as comedy, drama, sci-fi, mystery, documentaries, biblical stories, foreign movies, and extraordinary action movies. It is a direct-to-consumer in parallel with an over-the-top digital streaming service that offers substantial subscription packages. The library of Dove channel is based upon family-friendly and Christian-based programming that is considered the basic one that targets a large audience as well. It has partnered with Cinedigm and The Dove Foundation. The channel administrates 900 + hours of latest and original content alongside classics from TV and movies. 

The content available on the dove channel is exclusive and explorable through the Dove rating system. Ideally, it sorts via six different criteria that are, sexuality, language, drug and alcohol, violence, and nudity. This has been practiced to make sure the programs are protected for families and children. It is designed in a way to serve the consumers at its best to make acknowledge selections when it comes to entertainment. It has become challenging for the latest technologies to navigate movies that are inappropriate in terms of sensitivities or may violate the values of users. 

This platform is more like a safe walled garden that consists of enormous movies and TV shows that consideration of the time-honored standard of The Dove Foundation itself. It has been known for its trusted faith and family dove seals of approval. The Dove channel offers the option of unique customization that serves the filter option at its best. You can choose the kind of entertainment that fits best with your preferences. 

The Dove channel offers its content in high-quality, family-friendly programs, childer’s programs, documentaries, and TV shows according to your fondness. You can stream these amazing programs of divergent genres on your Roku device and enjoy them after a rough day. To begin with, you need to activate the Dove channel on your Roku device. Let’s start off with the steps to activate the Dove channel on Roku device-

Activation guide to activate Dove channel on Roku device

Follow the following steps precisely-

  • Visit the channel store of your Roku device.
activate Dove channel on Roku device
  • Go to the search bar present on the top of the screen.
  • Type the ‘’Dove channel’’ in the search bar. 
  • You will now see the Dove channel in the search results like this.

**The Dove channel’s logo will appear like this. 

The Dove channel logo

Note: In case, you don’t find the Dove channel then you can follow the following steps. 

  • Click on the settings of your Roku device.
  • Next, go to the option ‘’system’’.
  • Tap on the option ‘’system update’’.
  • Go to the ‘’check now’’ option. Even after you think you have updated your Roku, do this step. 
  • The updating process will initiate right away. 

Now, continue with the steps given to activate the Dove channel on the Roku device.

  • After finding the Dove channel in the search results, select the option ‘’Add channel’’. It will start downloading. 
  • The downloading process has been completed now. Open the application.
  • In case you have already registered for the Dove channel then you need to click on the option ‘’join now’’. Membership can also be updated for checking the titles after registration.
  • Now, if you are having an account on the Dove channel then tap on the option ‘’sign in’’. 
  • Enter the relevant details in the space given. 
  • And you are done activating the Dove channel on your Roku device. Enjoy streaming incredible shows available on the Dove channel only.
Enjoy streaming incredible shows available on the Dove channel

Is the Dove channel accessible on Vizio TVs?

Well, YES, you can enjoy the Dove channel as free ad-supported or else using it as a paid tier in order to avoid such frustrating ads with the expanded video selection list of family-friendly content via the Dove application. You can get the application through SmartCast or else through Chromecast to directly to your Vizio SmartCast TV. 

Let’s talk about Vizio TV a little bit. It offers many programming and watching options. This works the best when you have the SmartCast enabled set. Vizio is a store that provides all the amazing applications related to streaming service providers which you can download and access easily with your TV remote. It’s that simple. The Dove Channel is available via the SmartCast app store. Now that you already know that this channel provides family-friendly content that is reviewed on the basis of traditional Judeo-Christian values. This impresses a large audience. It proposes an extended catalog for children as well such as Heathcliff and The Cadillac cats, etc. The channel didn’t leave anyone behind. 

The channel has varying subscription plans and packages that can fit different people according to their budgets. The Dove channel also offers a 30-day trial period so that you can decide that whether you want to invest in it or not after reviewing the service it offers. 

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Subscription plans and packages-

Dove channelMemberships 
Free Dove channel offers limited videos that are free to watch.
Monthly $4.99
Three months$11.99
Yearly $39.99

How to access the channel?

Accessing the Dove channel on your Vizio SmartCast TV is super easy and convenient and it can also be downloaded directly on your TV in few steps. Let’s perceive the steps to do so-

  • Visit the Vizio SmartCast app store on your TV.
  • Go to the search option and further search for the Dove channel application.
  • Install the application on your TV.
  • Open the app once installed.
  • In case you have an account then sign in with the details. If you don’t have an account yet then set up one.
  • Select the show and start enjoying it. 

There is another interesting thing by Vizio SmartCast TV that you can do is send the videos through the Chromecast button in the Dove channel application from your smartphone. Follow these specified steps to do so-

  • Open apple or Google play. 
  • Download it.
  • Sign in with the details if you have already set up an account if not then set it up now. 
  • After creating the account, choose any video and tap on it. 
  • Now, press the Chromecast button and further choose your TV from the pop-up.

Now that you have set up your Dove channel on your Roku device you must be thinking about the show you should watch. We will assemble the top 3 movies of the Dove channel that you can watch tonight and enjoy. 

List of Top Shows and Movies on Dove channel

Here are the top picks from the library of the Dove channel that includes shows and movies. Along with the titles, IMDb ratings, release year, with the help of Reelgood according to the tiles. Now you must be wondering what is Reelgood? I will explain it to you. Reelgood is an entirely comprehensive guide for the streaming services of the United States. It will assist in searching, browsing, watching, along with tracking the TV shows and the movies assembled from all the streaming services in one place. Synchronically all the TV shows and movies are available to stream online. There is an option to browse individually through release date, IMDB rating, genre, etc.

Let’s get a move onto the list of the most popular shows or movies available on the Dove channel-

Heartland 20078.4/1078/100103
His Girl Friday19407.9/1074/100
The Andy Griffith Show19608.3/1070/1002
My Man Godfrey19368.0/1069/100
The Ultimate Gift20077.3/1067/100
Remember 20157.5/1067/100
The Stranger19467.4/1067/100
Dance Academy20108.1/1064/10064
The Little Rascals19228.0/1056/10021
Forever Strong20087.2/10064/100
The Gospel according to Matthew19657.7/1064/100
The Phantom of Opera 19257.6/1067/100
The Saddle club20016.1/1053/10079

So you are done with the activation process? If not then hurry up you can’t miss the content of the Dove channel. It awaits you. Now, you have a long enough list of the best shows and movies on which you can jump on without thinking about anything as we have got all the basic information of the titles in the list. You can now start off your activation process and enjoy streaming. 

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