How to activate Bell Gift Card Online?

Did you recently buy a new Gift Card from Bell? Are you now looking for ways to easily activate Bell Gift Card online from the comforts of your own home? Well, this article is the right pick for you, then. In this article, we will tell you all about Bell Gift Card, its multiple benefits, and how you can activate Bell Gift Card online by just following a few easy steps. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

What exactly is a Bell Prepaid Gift card?

A prepaid, stored-value, and reloadable payment instrument, the Bell Prepaid Gift card is not a credit card. When money is loaded onto your card, you can use it to make purchases at the millions of places where Visa card is accepted across the globe.

What places accept Bell Gift Cards?

Anywhere the Visa acceptance logo is displayed, your Bell Prepaid Gift card can be used. There may be a few exceptions. Some retailers do not accept prepaid gift cards, so it is best to double-check with the store before making a purchase. A fee will be applied if a card is used to make a foreign currency purchase and then converted into Canadian money. For further details, please see the Fees page. On the Transaction History page of the website, you can see the transaction. Check the Terms and Conditions on your card issuer’s website to see the fees that are applicable.

How to activate Bell Gift Card online? Do I need to register it too?

Yes. Please register your card as soon as you get it Here in order to transfer money onto it. Till the installation of your services is verified, the money will be placed onto your card within 30 days of its registration.

Once your card has been registered, you will get a confirmation email; once the money has been placed onto your card, you will get a second email.

To register your card, you will need the following information:

  • Your Bell Order Number (the purchase confirmation email from Bell will include your Bell Order Number)
  • The number on your Bell Prepaid Gift Card

Follow the steps below to activate Bell Gift Card online:

activate Bell Gift Card
  • Enter your Card Number and CVV.
  • Click on Submit.

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How can I find out the left balance on my Bell Prepaid Gift card?

You may check your balance in three different ways:

  • Log into your account by going to Then, choose the Transaction History page. On the left, your cash balance is visible.
  • Contact TruCa$h customer support at 1-800-624-6171 (in Canada/the USA) or 1-905-212-9100 from Monday through Friday (9am to 5pm EST) (elsewhere).
  • Check your balance at an ATM that has the Visa acceptance logo (cash balance only) (you will require your PIN). Please be aware that using an ATM to check your balance is subject to a service charge.

How can I use my Bell Prepaid Gift card to make an ATM withdrawal?

Any ATM that has the Visa acceptance logo will take your Bell Gift card. To complete the transaction, you will need to enter your PIN. Please remember to choose “Chequing” while withdrawing money or checking your balance. Only the amount that is remaining on your card after deducting any applicable fees is eligible for withdrawal.

Is there a maximum amount that I can take out using my Bell Prepaid Gift card at an ATM?

The daily ATM withdrawal limit for your Bell Prepaid Gift card is $1,000.00. Please be aware that the maximum amount you may withdraw is the balance remaining on your card, minus any applicable fees.

Is a PIN necessary with Bell Gift Card and how to obtain one?

A PIN is only necessary if you want to use an ATM to withdraw money. If not, a PIN is not necessary. Follow the steps below to obtain a pin for your Bell Gift Card:

  • Log into your account at, then go to the PIN Request page.
  • Choose “Get PIN” from the drop-down menu to obtain a PIN. It costs nothing to request your PIN. Any further requests for PINs will incur a cost.
  • Pick “Change PIN” from the drop-down list if you want to change or select your PIN. You don’t have to be aware of your current PIN. Any requests to change a PIN will incur a cost.

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What will happen if I lose my Bell Prepaid Gift or someone steals it?

Loss or theft: Calling TruCa$h customer support at 1-800-624-6171 (in Canada/the USA) or 1-905-212-9100 will allow you to report Bell Prepaid Gift cards at any time (elsewhere). If your registration is already complete, then they will replace your card if you lose it, it breaks or someone steals it. Less a replacement card charge, any remaining amount will automatically transfer to the new card.

Can I use my Bell Prepaid Gift card to split a payment?

You must notify the merchant in advance if you want to split a purchase using your Bell Prepaid Gift card. (Please note that not all retailers permit split payments.) You should tell the retailer about the amount that you are willing to give from your Bell Card. As retailers are unable to verify balances, you should know about your available balance on the card before making a payment. By visiting or contacting TruCa$h customer support between Monday and Friday (9 am to 5 pm EST) at 1-800-624-6171 (in Canada/the USA) or 1-905-212-9100, users may check their balances (elsewhere).

Can you use Bell Prepaid Gift cards at salons or restaurants?

Yes, you can make purchases with the Bell Prepaid Gift card in restaurants, salons, and other stores that charge a gratuity or other fees. Please be aware that some businesses will keep up to 20% on top of the cost of the products or services that you invest in. You should check your card balance in advance to make sure there is enough money to pay the transaction and the hold.

Can I use the Bell Prepaid Gift cards to make bookings for lodging, transportation, or auto rentals?

While not all businesses accept such cards, you can use Bell Prepaid to make bookings at hotels, auto rentals, and other businesses that do. Merchants may keep your money for up to 30 days after you make your reservation. You will not be able to use the money while it’s still not available and until it comes back on your card. To make sure there are enough funds to cover the transaction and the hold, please make sure you are aware of the card’s balance in advance.

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Conclusion: Bell Gift Card is an amazing alternative if you want to gift someone something. It offers multiple perks and benefits to its user. You can definitely go for it if you want to give someone something valuable yet of their choice. So, that was all about the Bell Gift Card, its multiple benefits, and how to activate Bell Gift Card online. We hope that you will like the information in our guide and will find it useful. Please do not forget to give a thumbs up or a comment if you do so.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Bell Prepaid Gift cards subject to expiration?

Yes. The last day of the month and year when the Bell Prepaid Gift card will expire are visible on the front of the card is

Is the sales receipt need to be signed?

Please sign the receipt after you make a purchase as the store should cross-reference it with the cardholder’s signature when processing the payment.

Can a Bell Prepaid card be used to make recurring payments?

No, you cannot make recurring payments with the Bell Prepaid card.

Can I exchange or refund items bought using a Bell Prepaid card?

You must speak with the retailer directly about returns of products as each retailer has a different return policy. Even when the amount is complete, save the card and the receipts as you may have to show them in order to complete the refund. The available balance on the card will fill up again by the amount of the refund a few days after the return if the merchant’s policy is to credit the card for purchases (instead of giving cash or a shop credit).

Can I fill up at petrol stations with my Bell Prepaid Gift card?

We advise paying the cashier in-store when using your Bell Prepaid Card to purchase petrol. Your Bell Prepaid Card may face rejection at the petrol pump if you try to use it there.

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