How to Activate a Beacon in Minecraft?| Make and use Beacons Efficiently

Welcome to the Minecraft Beacon Guide, which will walk you through the stages of activating, making, and using a beacon. In “Minecraft,” you may employ beacons to grant your character significant boosts and bonuses. In “Minecraft,” you’ll need glass, obsidian, and a rare object called the Nether Star to make a beacon. You’ll also need to construct a pyramid pedestal to set the beacon on once you’ve finished crafting it. Let’s start learning more about how to use and activate a beacon in Minecraft.

Beacons are special items that can be placed in “Minecraft” to give players powerful upgrades and buffs. They’re mostly used for building and constructing special structures. You can craft a beacon by using glass, obsidian, and a rare item called the Nether Star. Once you’ve crafted the beacon, you’ll also need to build a pyramid pedestal to place it on the glass. To make glass, you’ll need a furnace and coal. Pour coal into the furnace until it’s hot. Then pour glass powder into the furnace. To melt the powder, you need to light the coal on fire. Once the mixture is melted, pour it into molds.

To make obsidian, you’ll need a furnace and coal. Pour coal into the furnace until it’s hot. Then pour the obsidian powder into the furnace. To melt the powder, you need to light the coal on fire. Once the mixture is melted, pour it into molds. To make a Nether Star, you’ll need a furnace, an emerald block, and gold ingots. Place the emerald block in the furnace, then pour gold ingots into the furnace. Once it’s hot, pour out the Nether Star. To make a pyramid pedestal, you’ll need a furnace, a granite block, and gravel. Put the granite block into the furnace, then pour gravel into the furnace. Once it’s hot, pour out the pyramid pedestal.

So, this was all about the process you need to carry out. Now, let us begin with the step-by-step guide on how things need to be done in a systematic manner.

Convenient Steps for you to make Beacon in Minecraft:

First of all, you should know that in Minecraft, you’ll need 5 pieces of Glass, Nether Star and 3 blocks of Obsidian, and a  to make a Beacon. Glass and Obsidian are comparatively simple to obtain: you just have to smelt sand in a furnace for Glass, and put a bucket of water over lava for Obsidian. Further, to mine Obsidian, you’ll need a Diamond or Netherite Pickaxe.

To obtain a Nether Star, you must beat the Wither, a boss mob. When you defeat the Wither, it will lose one Nether Star, which can only be used to craft the Beacon.

To prepare a Beacon, combine the following ingredients in the following order:

You can’t, however, just start using it. To begin, you must construct a Pyramid, which is the initial step for activating the Beacon.

Making a pyramid for the Beacon in Minecraft Process:

  1. To start with you must place a Beacon on top of a Pyramid to activate it. Iron, Diamond, gold, Netherite, or Emerald blocks must be used to construct the Pyramid. If you don’t have much of one type of block, you can combine them. The result is almost the same.
  1. The Pyramid should have between one and four layers. The greater the height of the Pyramid, the greater the effects you will get from the Beacon. The greater the size of the Pyramid, the greater the range inside of which you can gain the status effects.
  1. Here is a tip, make a 4-level Pyramid if you want to get the most out of your Beacon. Initially, make a 9×9 square with your blocks for the base part and then, place a 7×7 square on top, this will be followed by a 5×5 square and a 3×3 square. When you are done with building the Pyramid, you can simply activate it by placing your Beacon on top of the center block on the top layer.
  1. In case you are short of the number of pyramids and can’t go for the 4 layers one, you can get rid of the base layer but this may make your pyramid a bit weaker. To give an example, if you only have blocks only for three layers, you can start with a 7×7 square for the base layer and work your way up to a three-level pyramid. However, this will eliminate some of the potential bonus effects.

Time to Get Ready to activate Beacon in Minecraft!

It will light up when you place your Beacon on top of the Pyramid. However, you will not immediately gain any status effects. For that to happen you have to follow a step more

To access the Beacon’s menu, you have to touch it. This will display a whole list of all the status effects that you can activate. Choose the primary power (if you have a 4-level Pyramid you can select secondary power). Then, either a Netherite Ingot, a Diamond, an Emerald, a Gold Ingot, or an Iron Ingot must be inserted. Once an item is inserted, you will be able to activate the Beacon by pressing the tick button.

What is the Status effect of the Beacon in Minecraft?

When you are done with the activation of the Beacon, you will have the option of gaining a status effect. You will get  five primary powers, each of which brings you  closer to becoming a Minecraft superhero:

  • Speed
  • Boost Your Jump
  • Resistance
  • Haste
  • Strength

If you build a one-layer Pyramid, you can gain, Speed, and Haste. To get Resistance and Jump Boost, you must build at least a 2-level Pyramid, and to obtain the Strength status effect, you must construct a three-layered pyramid. These are all level 1 status effects.

You can get one primary and one secondary power if you build a four-layer pyramid. You can choose to gain Regeneration at level 1 as your secondary power or to increase your primary power to level 2.

Steps to change the color of Beacon’s beam in Minecraft

  1. When your Beacon is activated, it will emit a beam that can be used to mark important locations. But, if you want to use numerous Beacons for different areas, such as a village and a bee farm, you should colorize the beams.
  1. Changing the color of a beam is quite simple, just place colored Glass on top of it. To make the beam red, for example, place a block of Red-Stained Glass on top of the Beacon.
  2. If you want the Glass stained to be of a specific color, you must first obtain the desired color dye as well as 8 blocks of Glass. Then, arrange them in a particular way on the crafting table.
  1. By arranging multiple stained Glass blocks on the Beacon, you can mix the colors to create different tints. Place an Orange-Stained Glass block and a Pink-Stained Glass block on the Beacon, for example, to make the beam a warm pink color.

How to fix Minecraft Beacons not working issues?

Here we come as your savior with troubleshooting methods. In Minecraft, a beacon is a helpful block. It can improve a player’s capacity to survive by bestowing benefits to him. However, most gamers are unaware of how to use a beacon effectively. As a result, they are unable to effectively operate the beacon. Here, we have come up with the top two steps, check out them below.

Check to see if the Beacon has a good view of the sky:

The most crucial feature of a beacon is that it must be placed directly beneath the sky in order to function correctly. This implies you won’t be able to keep it inside. It won’t function until it doesn’t glow under the sky.

As a result, you must ensure that the beacon is positioned outside, within reach of the sky. Place a leaf block above your indoor if you wish to keep the beacon inside. It should now be able to shine through the ceiling.

Remember to make Sure the Beacon is on a Pyramid:

Another reason your beacon may not be operating as it should is that you have not correctly placed it on a beacon. When a beacon is put on top of a pyramid, it will only glow. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as simply placing it there.

There are several levels to the beacon, and you’ll need to employ various materials including gold, iron, diamonds, and emeralds. After you’ve double-checked everything, look to see if there are any missing blocks in your pyramid. Fill the block if there is one.

So, this was all we got for you and we hope you liked it!

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