Activate Bank of America Credit, Debit and EDD Card (2023)

Welcome to the guide to Activate Bank of America card! U.S. Bank makes it easy to get your money when you need it most. The world-class service and a secure, reliable network make U.S. Bank the right choice for your bank account and debit card needs. Use your card as a check at virtually any place that accepts Visa or MasterCard – or withdraw cash at virtually any ATM – without paying an NSF fee, when you sign up for overdraft protection on your checking account. You can also pay bills without writing a single check. And, if you’re traveling, you can feel confident when relying on U.S. Bank to help you travel money-smart this holiday season.”

With the EDD Debit CardSM, you’ll never have to wait for a check to come in the mail. As soon as funds are available, you can access them by using your card at ATMs, paying bills online, or making purchases everywhere VISA debit cards are accepted. With an EDD Debit CardSM you’ll also get access to cash at ATMs and other locations, have access to live customer service 24 hours a day, and receive free text alerts when your card is used. Let us begin our post to Activate the Bank of America card!

Activate Bank of America EDD Credit Card and Debit Card

Activate Bank of America: Your EDD Debit Card welcome packet contains the following items:

  1. Tutorials and information for the EDD Debit Card
  2. Wallet-size Customer service and pricing schedule details are included in this Quick Reference Guide.
  3. Bank of America Privacy Policy Debit Card Deposit Agreement with the California Employment Development Department
  4. Once you receive your card, read all of the information carefully to ensure appropriate activation and use. We urge that you activate your card as soon as possible.

Steps to use your EDD Debit Card-

To use a card with simply a magnetic stripe, follow these steps for PIN-based purchases:

  • Make a swipe with your card.
  • Select “debit” and input your personal identification number (PIN).
  • Enter the amount of cash you desire and it will be added to your transaction.
  • Take your credit card, cash, and receipt with you.

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How to get cash or check your balance at ATM?

To get cash or check your balance at an ATM, follow these steps:

  1. Place your card in the slot and enter your PIN.
  2. Choose “checking” and “balance inquiry” to check your balance or “checking” and “balance inquiry” to make a withdrawal.
  3. Enter the amount you want to take out.
  4. Take your credit card, cash, and receipt with you.

EDD Debit Card Purchases that require a Signature:

  • You must now present or swipe your card.
  • Select “credit.”
  • Sign your name, grab your card and your receipt.

For using a chip-enabled card (new and replacement cards only), follow these instructions:

  1. In the terminal, insert your card.
  2. To make a payment, simply follow the steps. You might be asked to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or confirm the transaction as usual. If you want cashback from a merchant, select “debit” and enter your PIN. If your balance is enough, the amount requested will be applied to your transaction. Otherwise, you have the option of selecting credit.
  3. After your transaction is complete, remove your card from the machine.
  4. If a terminal isn’t chip-enabled, swipe your card and follow the on-screen directions.

Activate the EDD Credit Card by Bank of America’s in different ways

Activate Bank of America the EDD credit card by America’s in different ways.

How to Activate Bank of America Credit Card Through the Internet?

To use Internet Banking to Activate Bank of America a Credit Card, follow the steps below:

  1. See the bank’s official website.
  2. Use your user ID and password to access the internet banking portal.
  3. Choose ‘Card Activation’ from the drop-down menu.
  4. Fill in your credit card number, birth date, and expiration date.
  5. Choose ‘Submit’ from the drop-down menu.
  6. Choose ‘Submit’ after entering your ATM PIN.
  7. Now, you will recieve an OTP on your mobile phone.
  8. Select ‘Continue’ after entering the OTP.

How to Activate Bank of America Credit Card Using a Mobile App?

  1. Log into the bank’s site after downloading the bank’s mobile app to Activate Bank of America.
  2. Choose ‘Register’ or ‘Activate a card’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select ‘Credit card’ from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter information such as the expiration date, card number, and date of birth.
  5. Choose ‘Next’ and then ‘Send OTP.’
  6. Your registered mobile number will receive an OTP.
  7. Click ‘Submit’ after entering the OTP.
  8. Make a new user ID and password for yourself.
  9. Select ‘OK’ after answering one security question.

Complete Offline Credit Card Activation process

How to Activate a Credit Card Through Customer Service?

By contacting the bank’s customer service department, you can quickly activate your credit card. When you call the bank’s customer service department, they will walk you through the process of activating your credit card. The customer service numbers are easily available on the bank’s official website.

Now, Activate Your Credit Card With a Text Message

You’ll need to send a pre-programmed SMSM to a specified phone number. It’s possible that the SMS contains your ATM PIN or MBANK. After you submit the SMS to the number, you will receive an immediate answer from the number regarding the credit card activation process.

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Overview: Bank of America Debit EDD Debit Card

The EDD uses a Visa debit card to pay benefits for disability insurance, paid family leave, and Unemployment Insurance claims. The EDD does not conduct a credit check or monitor this prepaid debit card, so it is a quick, simple, and secure way to receive your benefit payments. 

You can do the following using a debit card:

  • You will receive your funds sooner.
  • It can be used anywhere VISA is accepted (in stores, online, and by phone).
  • Withdraw money from ATMs, banks, and retailers that offer cashback.
  • At no additional cost, transfer funds to the financial institution of your choice.
  • Receive notifications when a deposit is made to your card or when your balance falls below a certain threshold.
  • A Zero Liability Policy will protect you from fraud.

NOTE: Understand that your card is good for three years from the date of issue and can be used for all EDD benefit programs, so retain it until it expires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I quickly Activate my Bank of America EDD card?

To activate a new card, new cardholders can use one of the following methods:
Online: Go to the Bank of America debit card website and click the Activate My Card button.
To contact by phone: dial 1-866-692-9374 or 1-866-656-5913 from within the United States (TTY).

How can I use the internet to Activate Bank of America debit card?

On Bank of America’s activation page, log in to your online account. Then, to activate your card, validate your personal information (such as your Social Security number). You may enroll for online account management by giving the last six digits of your card and your full Social Security number.

How to withdraw cash from a Visa bank or credit union?

To obtain cash from a Visa bank or credit union, follow these steps:
-Request a “Visa Manual Cash Disbursement” from the teller.
-Present your card and indicate how much money you’d like to withdraw from your available balance. -There will be no further fee charges by the seller for this service.
-Take your credit card, cash, and receipt with you.

How can I deposit money into my checking or savings account?

By completing a one-time or regular direct deposit transfer online at or by calling customer support at 1.866.692.9374, you can move any or all of your benefits to your checking or savings account.

You must keep in your mind that under no circumstances will the Employment Development Department contact you to demand personal bank account details. You must initiate any direct deposit transfer request with Bank of America.

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